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  1. Had a few more bits turn up last week... as I have been debating over what to do with the transfer box issue I bagged an R32 transfer box so I could at least work out if there is any point modding the gearbox to take the TT one... On the face of it they look the same but... there are a couple of subtle differences... one being the overall length of the through shaft to the right hand drive cup... there is about 10mm difference which of course changes the amount of engagement to the diff once fitted... this suggests that if I leave the box unmodded then the R32 transfer box would be
  2. One subject I would like to touch on that I feel is important for anyone reading this revolves around the ECU I am using.... back when I was running the 1.8t I was on the OE ME7.5 ECU using a MAF sensor... this was fine for the early stages of the cars development but when I rebuilt the engine into a stroker with the GT3582r the limitations or running a MAF and the OE ECU became very apparent... At the time the alternatives were either very limited on features or stupidly expensive... at the time I was having real issues with cruising in so much that I was running a fairly short 10
  3. Welcome to check out my 'build' thread... have some info there that should give you pointers <tuffty/>
  4. If going turbo then sleeper for sure... I am a bit of an OEM++ fan boi although its a little more difficult making a VR6 look OE in an S3 seeing as they never got that engine lol <tuffty/>
  5. I have been taking perfectly good cars and making them unreliable since I passed my test in '85 lol... old habits die hard... although the S3 has been more reliable than my Mk2 Escorts back in the day The Mk4 chassis cars are nice and easy to work on too... arguably the last of the VAG range of decent vehicles that don't need a raft of specialist tools and a computer science degree to fix... That said it is quite nice that you can retro fit newer kit into the older cars with a minimal amount of effort... One of the things I like about VAG cars..
  6. Yeah... best thing I ever did was swap my 20v for a VR <tuffty/>
  7. After 13yrs of owning my S3 its the only reason for doing it lol... certainly not to add value!!! <tuffty/>
  8. Yeah... I started a thread in the Members Rides area if you want to have a butchers <tuffty/>
  9. In sunny Gloucestershire <tuffty/>
  10. I have been active in the VAG tuning world for over 12 years mostly on the Audi Sport forum (given I own an S3) and the decline over the years has been very obvious.... I generally can't tolerate the FB groups for too long and only tend to dip in and out as needed... biggest issue is as you say all the keyboard warriors coupled with the way that facebook comments seem to "work".... you give decent experienced advice to a genuine question and it gets lost in the wave of idiotic replies from everyone and his dog that thinks they know better... Its a shame really as the co
  11. tuffty


  12. Facebook groups are slowly killing off forums it seems sadly... this is a massive shame as Facebook Groups aren't really the best platform for sharing info etc in my opinion... I too recently joined here as I wanted to share my VR6 build and also get some info to help me sort the turbo conversion as a lot of this seems to be difficult to track down or ambiguous at best Hopefully there is still enough interest to keep it going though <tuffty/>
  13. Gearbox turned up this week... Needs a clean (and some paint obvs!) but overall looks in good nick Offered up the transfer box in the hope it would fit.... and it did!... sorta!!!!... on first look it seems to line up perfectly and even turns when you spin the input shaft... ....but! B*gger!... doesn't quite seat in properly I had a look at the gearbox that came with the engine... it was immediately obvious what the issue was... Transfer box mounts on the Mk5 R32 DSG box... ..vs the ones o
  14. At the beginning of last year my mate moved to a larger unit and swapped his dyno from a 2wd to an awd... this was just before lockdowns from the initial covid outbreak came into force thankfully so it seemed like a good idea to help christen the dyno and get a baseline run for the car... My mate has since built a dyno cell around this to manage the noise but you get the idea Bare in mind that the engine is running a spacer with 8.9:1 CR, no VVT enabled on the map as we needed to test a few things to get it set up and then translate the OE map over to at least ge
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