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  1. Busy day doing all the things..... The A3 sill doesn't have the holes for the sill cover fixings so had to add a couple like I did on the drivers side... Pilot hole followed by a 7mm drill... ...a bit of fettling later using a flat needle file and... With that out of the way I could crack on with the giving the car a good waxing!!! Basically went mental applying this stuff mostly everywhere... in the sills, in the wheel wells and the floorpan/inside lip of the pinch rail...
  2. Rotting sill saga update!... Spent some time digging out the factory sealer from the inside of the pinch rail... it was partially separated from the return so made sense to clean this up and re-seal ...etch primed the bare metal followed by high zinc primer then splooged a load of brush on seam sealer to top it off... Dealt with the rust around the fixings for the sill cover... Flatted, rust converted and etch primed... A few bits left to sort before masking up to do the main painting...
  3. Cleaning is a complete PITA tbh... use normal thinners (not expensive 2k stuff) and just fire some through before stripping the gun down and basically using thinners and brushes etc to clean where ever the paint is.... I would have a read up about using the gun if you can... I didn't realise I could adjust the size of the fan!... also get yourself a water trap for the airline if you haven't got one... you don't really need an oiler for the tools as you can pre-oil before use but water in the airline for painting is not a good idea... I also got some paint mixing cups an
  4. Posting latest progress as rain has stopped play Passenger side is generally 'rustier' in terms of surface and general scabbiness... the hole in the sill was about the same as the drivers side but this time the floor pan faired much better... As per the drivers side I added in a 3mm thick to add a bit of strength Not sure if I will add the extra angled bit of steel like I did to the drivers side but that was more to make up for the state of the floor pan than anything (and also my dodgy welding!) Cut a section from the A3 sill
  5. Managed to grab some 2k thinners so game on! Went on nicely.... Painting under the car was as always a mahoosive challenge... I did get quite a bit of coverage but I think I might just go over the trickier to get areas with a brush at a later date then I will be waxing the flip out of everywhere That signalled the end of the main work on the drivers side... I have fitted anything back yet and still need to wax things but will do that after I have finished the rust repairs and paint work on the passeng
  6. Bit more progress... Added seam sealer where it was needed... I also wire wheeled all the factory sealer from the inside edge of the pinch rail too and seam sealed the cr*p out of that... On to the rear wheel well and cleaned up corrosion in several areas of it... Decided that not all the wheel well needed to be painted as it was mostly ok so tried the wax product I have instead as a test... I think I will go to town with the wax anyway but its
  7. Been a few weeks but I have made some progress... was having a fair few issues with gas... the little bottles are a bit of a pain and don't seem to last very well welding outside so I man'd up and got a proper bottle... Added a 3mm thick piece of bar to replace the rotten part of the floor pan lip... Welding underneath the car is a royal pain in the rear too especially as I don't have much room to work with and I don't bend like I used to in my younger days.. Not pretty but its solid and actual metal now...
  8. Cracked on with operation rusty POS today..... cut some more metal out... Started cleaning up the floor pan area by the jacking point damage... Then pulled the rear arch liner out and cleaned up the end of the sill to see if I was going to be doing work there too... thankfully it was just surface rust with minor pitting... So cleaned up a few other obvious areas while I was there... I have wire wheeled the cr@p out of the rusty bits and used rust treatment (Bilt Hamber H
  9. Decided it was about time to level up my man status and acquired the following items... A 50ltr, 9.6cfm air compressor.... A MIG welder... ...and a cool welding mask to at least give the impression I know what I am doing.... First job was to fabricobble a stand for the gas bottle.... The broken spring from my A2 and a 1.8t cam pulley will do the job.... ...tada!!!!! So... filled with confidence and looking cool in my awesome helmet (fnarr!) I undertook the job
  10. Had a few days off to get some little jobs sorted on the car... First job was the aircon... I have a new pump and dryer as the old pump is leaking PAG oil and makes sense to change the dryer too... Not the most fun job ever but easy enough tbh... I have also had an issue with the low oil pressure warning popping up randomly at any rpm or time it felt like... I know I have pressure as Ignitron picks that up and all the times the three beeps of death have popped up the pressure is over 2bar minimum... (IECU als
  11. So this happened! ...which resulted in... The difference in the boost plots looks quite a bit... but other than I have brought the spool/mid range in sooner the actual difference top end is around 0.1bar which is about 1.5psi and the spool/mid range is a lift of 0.9bar to 1.1bar below 5k rising to 1.2bar request up to redline... I am happy with the top end power figure... not really interested in chasing figures but the OCD in me would like to tackle the slight wobblyness after 5.5k purely to smooth it out a bit... This
  12. As the weather has been reasonably nice I took a trip to Mexico so I could set up the boost control now that the wastegate is dual ported... Ignitron is such a breeze to use and didn't take long to get the PID control dialled in... Overall I am hitting the 220kpa I am asking for in the specified boost map for 10% less duty than when in the single port setup which never quite made 220kpa top end... happy days I have next week off to do some more bits to the car such as the aircon pump and DSG wiring... I am also replacing the
  13. Have had the dreaded raised top of the strut for a little while which is typically the sign of the rubber top bush sagging... as I have LCR top mounts I was a little surprised they had gone as bad being harder rubber but I have had them a while now so in anticipation I bought poly replacements with new bearings and spring cups Finally got around to swapping out the rear calipers... Just as well I changed the lines as they were looking pretty scabby... Bought myself a fancy pressure bleeder as Bill uses a similar one
  14. Have put the car on stands.... there is a decent reason for this... it stops me driving the car and gives me a reason to crack on with the current list of things I need to do... First up... I need to replace the top mounts as mine appear to have started to collapse... these Billy B8's are the first mod I did to the car when I first bought it and while they are still working fine they are showing signs of age (13yrs of age)... So while they are off I am going to clean them up and give them a fresh coat of paint... hopefully keep them decent for a
  15. So I was a little bit bored and decided to take a trip to Mexico for a few map tweaks... I had originally imposed a 1bar limit on myself but in fairness I have already broken that at the top end to achieve 500hp... not by much of course... whats 100kpa between friends Anyhoo... I am getting close to running out of injector duty at 3bar and due to the fairly soft wastegate spring I am using I am close to maxing out the N75 duty too... obviously those things can be addressed but I am kinda ok with it as it means I can impose a hard limit on how much more I can tune the standard botto
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