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  1. The gearbox is now mapped... I am also in the process of building up an XDF purely for shizzles and giggles so I can see if I can understand what the box is doing etc... The XDF format is what Tuner Pro uses... this is fine and so far its going well... have added a few maps and everything tallies with OLS so far... Whether or not I will do much more with it beyond keying in all the maps I don't know... having the map pack is one thing but I still need software to read/write and also checksum the files... will see what I can dig up as it would be nice to have the same
  2. As the weather was decent this afternoon I popped out to wire up the DSG oil temp sensor Used pin 26 on the ECU as this is spare for the input and earthed it to the distro panel I fitted previously for all the extra relays I had fitted Double checked the VCDS label file for the definition of the temperatures in group 019 so I could see what temp I need to compare the reading from the sensor vs what the TCU is reading... G93 trans fluid temp seems to be the sensible one to compare too to checked that on the colorMFA... was miles out!!... chec
  3. Small update... the temp sensor for the DSG oil filter housing turned up... Popped out to the car to fit it and noticed the top of the box was wet... turned out to be gearbox oil... this could only have leaked from two places.. the oil filter housing or the oil cooler... the filter housing had a new o-ring and didn't look wet directly where it screwed in mount so my money was on the cooler and the generic o-rings I used... Decided to replace everything (as you do) so ordered genuine o-rings and a replacement cooler... This one is the larger version fitted
  4. Have been driving around a bit getting used to the box... I am feeling less inclined to 'dip the clutch' and snatch the gear lever now... having the paddles makes the transition a lot easier as the muscle memory keeps kicking in using the selector in tiptronic... I have also now replaced the faulty Febi ball joints with the MEYLE ones and can confirm that the taper was different and the MEYLE ones just fit fine with no dramas... I managed to grab a ramp at Bill's to do this so I also topped up the DSG box fluid... took another ltr which I expected tbh... and my modded
  5. Some good news with the ball joints... seller just refunded me for them which covers the MEYLE ones I have ordered... these have arrived now so will fit them at the weekend... The CAN gateway arrived today as well... fitted that after work... ...basically connected power train CAN to the power train and convenience CAN lines... power train CAN is then connected to the back of the cluster along with the DSG selector and DSG gearbox CAN lines... I also ran the CAN diagnosis lines to the OBD port so I can connect using VCDS directly... having the
  6. First job of the day...well... the afternoon... PAS pipework sorted... for now Next task was to look at the brand new FEBI ball joints as they didn't appear to be tightening up despite loading them up under the weight of the car with the jack... undoing them and having a look in the daylight (was getting dark yesterday when I was doing them up) I soon saw what the issue was... Seems the taper of the ball joint is protruding past the nut face and all I was doing was tightening the nut to the protrusion
  7. Flexi for the oil drain finally arrived so Alex welded it up... Happy days... cracked on putting the car back together... Yes... the PAS pipework isn't where its supposed to but there is a reason for that... Some idiot had put a gert gearbox in the way and not told it!!!.. I will need to get hold of the right return pipe at some point to replace this... but in the mean time the disc cutter came out to play Need to clean up the end
  8. As I am still unsure when a replacement flexi will arrive (they are typically made to order) I have decided to try a more available solution... I have ordered up some AN10 fittings.. 2 x stainless weld on bungs, a length of PTFE stainless braided hose and suitable fittings... PTFE hose should be fine for this application as its not got to wind past a hot manifold like a tubular 1.8t one and if it does get damaged I can replace the hose more easily or I will have the flexi to fall back to when it eventually turns up... This is all due to arrive by the end of the week so I am really
  9. The replacement manifold turned up this week... pretty quick considering... Next job then was to carefully remove the adaptor flanges from the old mani so I (and by that I mean Alex) can weld them onto the new one... ...that went as expected Bit of clean up required then.... ....and bingo... After Alex TIG welded them I needed to do a bit of porting... Waved the die grinder at it... Happy days...
  10. Few more jobs done today... refitted the tunnel heat shielding and the front end of the prop... also fitted the left drive shaft as this wont get in my way for anything... Made up a panel out of 3mm ali to block the hole where the clutch master cylinder passed through... Fitted brackets for the DSG selector and transfer box... Fitted the engine bay heat shielding and connected up the PAS pipes... Built up the front subframe... ...and painted some more things...
  11. I have ordered a replacement exhaust manifold... yes.. its another Aliexpress special but I am kinda hoping that this one may actually be made of metal this time... I like the manifold, it works (when its not cracking) so will give another one a go and see where we end up... I am still getting the current one welded... this will be used to get the car back on the road and the DSG tested etc... I will pull the mani off over the winter and sort it then... Other jobs that got done... Drive shafts made up, brackets de-ruste
  12. Things have slowed a bit what with being back at work and the weather but have managed to get a few jobs done... First up was to drain the oil and remove the exhaust mani and oil drain... ....done... took it up to Bill's and aqua blasted the mani... Sad face Alex tried to weld it but... He has a plan... will see what happens... worst case is I buy another and sort that one out in the hope that they used actual metal this time around... its a shame as the mani is actually rather decent as a 'thing'
  13. ...and now with added electricity <tuffty/>
  14. Having a chill day today as my 'holiday' is now over and its back to work tomorrow!! booooo! Got hold of a length of 3.0mm wire to finish the starter inhibit and a 'U' tube to finish the coolant system off with... I can start to put the front back together now but will drop the engine oil and remove the manifold and oil drain first... Also over the past couple of evenings I have been sorting the gear gaiter out... I obtained a spare manual gaiter and re-dyed it black... Went to try it out and hit another issue...
  15. decided it would be a good idea to drain the coolant and remove the rad to get better access to the area by the top and front of the box... Somewhat of a surprise was how much coolant came out... I collected it all as its less than a year old (changed when I fitted the CFS rad) and wasn't grotty looking... ...yep!... 8 ltrs!!! and I think there is still a bit left in there... I needed to do something with the coolant anyway to sort the gearbox cooler out but removing the rad has made working on the car a lot easier... (if I ever have to do this again the e
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