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  1. Corrado R3.6 Conversion completed

    Sounds great I am looking forward to it
  2. Corrado R3.6 Conversion completed

    3.6 ECU from and it is FSI
  3. Corrado R3.6 Conversion completed

    Thank you!! A feature would be awesome Would you like me to provide a write up? or is there a template you have
  4. I have finally completed my project 1995 VW Corrado Canadian car Transformation with 3.6 from a Passat CC R36. I am only running it as a FWD, the motor has been refreshed top to bottom For my trans I am running the stock Corrado 5speed with a TDI 5th gear .658 A/C blows ice cold The car runs great and is a blast to drive, the hp upgrade is incredible and the car handles it well!
  5. eurovw