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  1. Does anyone know where to get a camshaft sensor VW discontinued them in April this year, for a 96 engine
  2. building a new tubro engine, running a standard FI engine right now, ive tried finding info on this but nothing really come up. where is the best place to get main bearing or our the standard ones good enough but upto what power im looking to build it so there will be no more engine building. thanks in advance
  3. Hi Guys and Girls, im finishing my turbo but i need a little help with my boost lines from the waste gate to fuel regulator and dump valve, ive done them but have a feeling its wrong want to make sure its good before i start her Thanks in advance Chris
  4. HI guys and girls, Im looking for a flange for my OBD2 throttle body all the places i found are in the USA does anyone know any companys that do them over here Thanks in advance Chris
  5. flange for tb inletn short runner inlet for my turbo, I've seen the flange for the TB but can't seem to find it anymore, does anyone know of any websites? Thank
  6. Hi I'm going to make my own archs and want the track to be wider by about 50/100mm? Any way to do this with out spacers so I can fill the arches, I have 20mm spacers on with porsche teledial wheels,
  7. Hi people Right here goes so last week I was driving fine pulled out on to a busy roundabout BANG the cir clip comes off the offside inner driveshalf and throws the cv joint off the shalft,so I thought gater rip clips gone I'll replace it, got the part yesterday repaced it test drive all good, so going to work today just about there and BANG it goes again and was only doing 10mph What the hell is causing it to do it? This is my daily drive aswel
  8. i didnt use a sleave just bolted it down....... n i didnt have any trouble with the air filter on the strut brace....
  9. have a look on ur old one, and tell them they should know... just give them ur plate and say u need a blue temp sensor
  10. [link]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-ICE-HOCKEY-PUCK-any-quantity-prompt-despatch-/190516986034?pt=UK_Ice_Hockey&hash=item2c5bb280b2 these are the ones i used on mine
  11. could be ur crank sensor going if its getting worse.... take a spark plug out and turn her over n see if it sparks straight away... i didnt have a problem like tht, n mine died while drivin it crank sensor went lol
  12. Throttle body.... it has always been there i didnt notice it untell i fort i done something rong in my engine bay
  13. i had the same thing with my magnercore leads u just got to keep trying to turn so the leads dont get stuck u will get it them tight just keep trying mate, and the buzzing is ur TB making ajustments all vr do it
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