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  1. Yes loads of different clubs go, e.g. there were a load of fabia vrs's in there this weekend and focus st's the other week. Lets get a load of noisy vr's in there!! Dynodaze or dynodayze. Look them up on fb if you have it. If we do set a date, id like a months or so notice as i work a lot of weekends, guess this would also apply to most of us....funding a vr and that...
  2. Yes id be more than up for it. I follow a place called dynodayze in the midlands, think theyre in nuneaton, quite far ish from me, but central to the uk....they have loads of different car clubs go there for runs. £30 for 2 runs on saturday mornings usually
  3. Ideally, with my job i need as much notice as pos, sure this is the case for a fair few of you too. September is a no go for me now, unless its the last weekend
  4. Sooo had a few more thiings done to the old girl. Clutch was making a funny noise when at biting, so had a new one fitted and while it was all off thought best to get the chains done. Needed a new thermostat housing and crack pipe too, and the rear engine mount was knackered (snapped) also. While on the subject of crack pipes,i got a black forest billet pipe, which the fellas at vrt could not get to seal up for love nor money, so i just opted for a new plastic one instead. Not happy, as the pipe's quite expensive. As i said i had the work carried out by vrt's of slough, cant recommend them eno
  5. Right, just a bit of a survey i guess really. What parts manufacturer does everyone use when getting random bits and bobs for their vr's? Ive always tried to get meyle parts-recently replaced all my bearings and abs sensors with meyle parts, not a problem just wondering what other members like to use. Had a tdi bora a while back and always used meyle too with no probs.
  6. Well, been a busy bee lately and had a few things done to the vr. Started with getting a set of oem foglights and some replica smoked indicators and blanks. Theyre quite good, they even have hella stamped on the front, and germany on the rear. I used 2 layers of cheap shiz ebay yellow tint for the fogs as i cant find any frenchies for the mo. Ive bought a 2nd set of solithdes for £50, 2 with brand new firestones on the front. My old set had 2 good tyres out of the four so i made 1 good set and got them refurbished by bespoke alloys down in denham near uxbridge. Ive
  7. Yep, would love to know what mines (not) chucking out
  8. Hiya mate any parts still available? Im after a drivers door rub strip please
  9. Long shot but any bits still available from the 3 door? Im after a drivers side door rub strip. Thanks
  10. Sorry just saw the doors are gone, my bad!
  11. Hiya bud, im after a drivers side door rub strip, only if yours is a 3 door please? Thanks
  12. Hiya mate, not had one on my vr-yet, but had one made for my old hybrid turbo'd tdi pd bora. Have to say it wasnt too bad-i had a milltek decat downpipe that the fabricator was also more than happy to fit and work around. Very good service to be honest. Totally custom too which is good. Probably be my first port of call when i get round to doing my vr to be honest. But of course, im mo professional welder so cant really comment on the build quality etc, but never had a problem in 2 or 3 years with it.
  13. Hi all, im Russ, as title says i finally got my sticky mitts on a lovely black 3 door vr obd2 highline. had a vento tdi before on rx2s and coilovers, and had a 217bhp tdi pd bora which i owned for 8 years! Always wanted a '6 but i do a fair few miles for work so a tdi daily was always a must. Got a new house lately with a little garage, so as soon as i could i sold the bora, bought a cheap a4 b5tdi estate for a daily (and vr6 parts van of course!) and stuffed the garage full of vr6 goodness!! shes a tad tatty at the mo, think a boy racer used to own her-all the fogs and
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