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    Show cage

    for sale custom Show cage made by big Ron himself price £750 0seven800909017 se London message me for me pictures
  2. ???? that was on the car when I brought it about 6ish years ago, I didn't wanna take it off for some strange reason. I looked into it and found out what it was lol but that was before my vw addiction!!! Your the first person who knew what it was ??
  3. Breaking vr6 r32 golf parts list: mk4 R32 Conversion everything needed, which includes the following- rebuilt R32 bfh engine,arp head bolts, head spacer,GruvenParts thermostat, upgraded coil packs, stage1 clutch, lightened flywheel,Quaife limited slip diff, rebuilt vr6 gearbox,6 branch manifold, 2.5" powerflow exhaust,emerald ecu with three maps,power flex engine mounts=£4000 Please note:- the three maps where done before the rebuild and head spacer, there fore will need mapping. the head spacer can be removed and can then be used on those maps!!!!!! I
  4. Yeh I might go down that route with splitting it. Kinda don't want it to sell but if someone's serious enough then it can go. Im not in that much of a rush
  5. Up for sale is my R32 supercharged set up from my mk3 golf. Mk4 golf R32 bfh,fully rebuilt by J-tech with receipt to prove. Low compression 034 motorsport headspacer 8.5:1 Arp headbolts r36 coil packs Map sensor V9f 24v supercharger kit,fully rebuilt and is as good as new. Not a mile on it. Gearbox (02a) 5speed, full rebuild including Quaife Limited Slip Diff. Vr6 flywheel with stage1 clutch. Emerald Ecu with switchable maps vibra tech engine mounts,samco water pipes,GruvenParts crack pipe & thermost
  6. I have for sale ONE very near complete vf charger kit for a vr6. This kit consists of the following- Vf charger All brackets Oil feed & return Intake pipe work Recirculating value Belt 440cc green giant injectors No management Also have a SECOND vf9 charger which I brought with a boost issue, all I was told was,it was only making half the psi It should. It has no shaft play and could be a straight forward re build or can be used as parts. There is more..... I have another set of brackets and spacers also included and a few little bits you see
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