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  1. Looking like progress is going well [emoji106] Just about to do the same body work on mine but I'm attempting it my self [emoji15] so this feed will be a big help.
  2. Finally fixed my sunroof drains ? probably one of the most frustrating fixes I've had to do but after 5 hours of swearing and throwing tools new drains and vents are working spot on!
  3. I would love to buy the car...if I didn't already own 3 cars which are continually draining my bank account as it is [emoji41]
  4. I'm looking for a vento front end conversion for my project. Anyone selling one get in touch [emoji106]Cheers, Steve.
  5. The dreaded tin worm has now eaten what little was left of my sills and rear arches after already claiming my front wings ? I was wondering if any of you guys have used aftermarket repair panels on your own cars and what the quality was like? I've seen them for sale on oem and more, vw heritage etc unsure if any are better than others. Any advice appreciated ? Also any good body shops in the Gloucestershire area that are recommended?
  6. I checked my front drain tubes by opening the sun roof and forcing water down them and watching whether it was coming out of the valves...turns out it just ran straight into the footwells. In principal you could test the rear drain tubes in the same way, Other than that it's headlining out I'm afraid
  7. Headlining is already out as it needed to be relined due to sagging. Just ordered 15 meters of tube so should be able to renew all 4 whilst it's out. Just need to get the rubber valves for the ends as they didn't come out in 1 piece unfortunately! Cheers for the help guys [emoji106]
  8. If your wings are too far gone to repair like mine were, I bought a genuine pair from vw parts international for £250
  9. After not driving my car this winter I went to move it recently to find a complete mould fest over the whole interior! I found that water was leaking into my front footwells which I know is pretty common. So I went through all the normal checks and found that my front sunroof drains were completely blocked and also split I was just wondering if anyone has replaced these and if so what with? (I can't find any VW parts assuming there obsolete) Any help would be appreciated Cheers, Steve.
  10. Finally I have wings without holes in Not much progress but progress none the less!
  11. Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure weather to go for the US bootlid but might buy one just to try it out
  12. I presume I will need a US spec splitter to go with it. Is there anything else I will need?
  13. That's good to know I'll send him a message later. I'm looking for a body shop to do the work on mine at the minute as my local guy moved to Devon. I read through BennyK's build thread it was impressive, where's he based?
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