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  1. 97 Mystic Blue 5dr

    Yes mate got the drivers side. Do you want me to post it?
  2. 97 Mystic Blue 5dr

    I'll have a look, to see if I've got the passenger side black plastic thing that connects the front lip and arch. I know I've def got the drivers side, but i think I took the passenger one off. I'll check tonight
  3. *Reduced* Breaking Black vr6 highline

    Nope sorry, I had them taken off when I had the sills done
  4. *Reduced* Breaking Black vr6 highline

    Yes I have these. £30 a side. Sound fair?
  5. *Reduced* Breaking Black vr6 highline

    Open to offers now.
  6. Hi Guys, time has come to break my P reg highline that I have owned for 12 years. All parts available except inpro headlights and carbon bonnet. Also the 2 front wings are rusty at the bottom. 3x sets of 3 door smooth side mouldings in black. £60 a set. Full black leather interior including door cards £200. Mk3 factory full wood steering wheel. Totally mint, it's been packed away for the last 8 years. £400 Totally smoothed front bumper with fk intakes smoothed in. Has one crack in it, but is covered up by the numberplate £100. rear bumper totally smoothed, has 2 cracks in it £80 Chrome mirror covers for original mirrors £20 All engine parts avalible
  7. VR6 Golf Highline MK3 £4950

    Nice VR. Totally original
  8. Mackenzie

  9. Runs better with Shell V-Power

    Has any one tried race fuel in there vr?
  10. Runs better with Shell V-Power

    by cheap stuff, i was talking about standard tesco fuel against tesco 99 Also the engine runs much more smoother with T99
  11. Runs better with Shell V-Power

    It defo makes a difference on my car, when the revs go over 3500 it pulls like mad, but with the cheap stuff, it sort of runs out of steam at 3500 and you can't feel it pulling that much. I would say if your just driving around normal, use the cheap stuff. Tesco fuel, not V power
  12. Love the colour and wheels
  13. OBDI 'vs' OBDII in the Golf

    I read somewhere, on a rolling road day, that all the standard obd2 cars where reading 185bhp
  14. mk4 steering wheel on mk3?

    No worries mate
  15. mk4 steering wheel on mk3?

    Ive got a 3 spoke mk3.5 cab wheel in good condition for £150 if you want it. PM me