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  1. Good to see that the forum is still active ❤️
  2. Hey all, my Rotiform INDt’s are up for grabs. After £700 notes and no swaps. Collection from Hertfordshire. Specs: 18” Rotiform INDt’s. 5x100 F 8.5J ET35 R 9.5J ET35 These wheels have been Custom Diamond Cut and Painted. They were off my R32 and have all been cleaned up nice. No kerbing. Ping me over a text if interested. 07732817870 TIA MJ
  3. Should have never sold 😢 Boo Feckin Hoo..
  4. Have you got the invoice with you? Then I will know what belt they sold you
  5. Was on my way to Stealth Racing, spotted a Red Indian Colour VR6, Gave me thumbs up wave, off the M1, think it was the A45/425 I think off Junc 16. I was in my 32. MJ
  6. Dont bother with the 32 Conversion lol. Well its up to you. You benefit more with the VR6 with Cams etc being a 12v, where the 32 being 24 has less room to play with plus with the engine already having the VVT set up. Personally get the VR re-built and slap a charger on there and you will see fab arse figures. 10Psi plus, Power to weight ratio, just have a think. Just finished helping my mates VR with a V1 Charger, had a 8PSi pulley set up, and achieved 1bar of boost which is not normal at all, I think it was 320hp and was still climbing. Uncle Vince had limited the Rev Counter
  7. Another year gone by fast, Is anyone from here reaching Westside at all? Saw loads of VR's last year that attended. Not sure whom was from the Forum? http://westsidevw.co.uk/ MJ
  8. Mileage? History? Chains been done? Anything else to add? Need more than Pics dude, But looks sweet. MJ
  9. There is a guy on Facebook that breaks and sells bits for mk5 R32's. Daly Singh. MJ
  10. Available on Facebook. MJ
  11. Slapped the charger into the R32. Time to make some figures!! Mj
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