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  1. This has already been said............... In another post they asked.
  2. Oh no, another Noob

    Very nice. Love a loved Corrado. [emoji41]
  3. I’m no expert, but battery will be my first start.
  4. Vr6 turbo

    Nice [emoji1303]. Looking lovely [emoji4] well Jealous.
  5. brand new 1995 vr6 long block engine

    No thanks it’s ugly American junk. That’s all I need to know Mr lol
  6. brand new 1995 vr6 long block engine

    Funny looking VW lol
  7. Vw corrado vr6 steering wheel

    Awesome news [emoji1303]
  8. Loss of traction

    As sorry I should if explained myself better it’s more likely your tyres. Bbs would the make it wheel. What is the make of tyre on the car?
  9. Starting issue

    If you need some extra help you could post a question or two in the Corrado uk forum. Some active knowledgeable members on there for VR6 related. Sorry VR6 forum. [emoji13] Good luck.
  10. Starting issue

    Oh bugger mate. Will it start cold? Have you checked all the fuel lines etc? Are you getting a spark? What is the Condition of the coil pack? Failing all that, it could be the mobiliser!
  11. Starting issue

    Nice happy dayz
  12. Vw corrado vr6 steering wheel

    Sweet, like [emoji1303] I started mine up the other day ready for some nice drives, but I didn’t tax yet due to lockdown and only three days to go now. [emoji16][emoji1303]
  13. VR6 read badge

  14. Vw corrado vr6 steering wheel

    Omg They are taking the piss. Get on to eBay and make a complaint. This is why I stopped using fee bay to many Jokers.