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  1. OK so my vw corrado vr6 started to creep up on the temperature gauge so I ordered a new thermostat, water pump and fan sensor. I got the Lot NEW for £45 and booked the car in and firstly my mechanic changed the thermostat and "He" put an engine flush in and told me to drive over the weekend so today he replaced the water pump and fitted the fan sensor to the radiator and topped the system up with coolant mix again at his expense, so I have taken the car for a good drive and have left running and i just can't get the car close to overheating. Brilliant work and results until I got the bill £50
  2. I've no way of of testing but the resistor is looking in rough shape would this effect the pump operating plus mine isn't fixed to the front of the pump it's up under the expansion tank held with a cable tie. And had some moisture around the connection.
  3. Also Bba-reman were on the ball and advised me that after I reinstall the pump they checked over for me to then run a diagnostic test and phone them with the codes and they would try to resolve for me.
  4. The last time I tried to clear errors myself it came up as failed but as I recall they have returned, this is in a vw corrado vr6 Yr 1995 so generally I've found diagnostics very limited.
  5. Your last two paragraphs have got me thinking as I can't remember seeing any of this wiring but as for the abs module I have 3 of them, my original then one I bought to try and the third came with the new pump I purchased thats on the car now. My thoughts were to put the original pump back on the corrado along with changing out all the abs sensors maybe check the ecu and see what codes come up.
  6. I was advised to change the abs pump due to faults so did to one guaranteed to work but brakes still not working correctly i sent the old pump off to be serviced by Bba-reman and they can't find any faults, here are some fault codes with the new pump on. Any thoughts please.
  7. Kinda as in my sister is living in the land of OZ.
  8. So after one hour three minutes on hold I finally got speaking to a real live person on PayPal and they agreed that my claim for the steering wheel was valid and I received the refund [emoji857]
  9. So corrado vr6 was turning over but wouldn't start so I changed the fuel filter and then changed the crack shaft sensor still wouldn't start I was also having problems with the abs light staying on and brakes not pumping correctly So after more online searching I heard mention of the ignition switch and as it happens I had bought one ages before so decided to fit. It took me a good 2 hours as for most part I didn't realise you can actually see the screw holding switch in place if you look down the LHS of steering column when covers are removed, so fitted new switch and the dash lit up like a C
  10. I've just ordered a tool for pulling the plug leads out as don't want to damage, she's had new plugs and leads about 2k ago The thing getting me is that once started spark and fuel are good. I'm limited to what I can do myself and 2 mechanics I've spoken to have gave me advice but didn't seem keen to look at it [emoji849]
  11. So car was hard to start today again but did start and drove 100% however after parking and then trying to restart NOTHING just keeps turning over but won't fire up.
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