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  1. How much would you be asking for the engine and loom?
  2. My new addition to the driveway is a Mk3 VW Golf 1.8CL, finished in electronic green. I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty with this one. A few ideas like a subtle drop, some nice OEM+ wheels and the like. Bagged some CC black recaros, but need leather doorcards to match.Then start collecting parts for an engine swap. I really want to go for a 3.2 lump, but with mine being 4x100, I don't know whether I need to swap to 5x100 hub set up/driveshafts etc
  3. Got a price in mind? Any up to date photos?
  4. It's a 1996 blue GTi, converted to OBDii VR6 engine. Looks tidy enough from the photos, but it's a LONG way from me if I get there and it's trashed. Just wondered if anyone owned it previously, or knows of it?
  5. I'd say from his Profile, he is in Germany
  6. I asked you for some detailed photos and a vid of cold start. I'm not travelling non-essential to a car that might be full of rot and have chain noise for all I know. Not that I am saying it is, but without the pics/vid I am not willing to drive up at the moment. If you have someone else interested then by all means let them.
  7. Yeah, will PM you my number
  8. I'm in Manchester, so not too far
  9. If you could fire some pics up, that would be great
  10. I'm just quoting this so I can refer back to it as I am looking to do this conversion
  11. You still got this bud? Any more pics of the arches, interior etc? I'm in the market for a Mk3 VR
  12. So, whilst perusing the engine bay, I noticed this is looking a little worse for wear, probably from the amount of times I swap my airbox for a cone filter and back again. Can I just bin it off and vent to atmosphere? Or do I need some sort of weird catch tank set up?
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