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  1. I'd say from his Profile, he is in Germany
  2. I asked you for some detailed photos and a vid of cold start. I'm not travelling non-essential to a car that might be full of rot and have chain noise for all I know. Not that I am saying it is, but without the pics/vid I am not willing to drive up at the moment. If you have someone else interested then by all means let them.
  3. Yeah, will PM you my number
  4. I'm in Manchester, so not too far
  5. If you could fire some pics up, that would be great
  6. I'm just quoting this so I can refer back to it as I am looking to do this conversion
  7. You still got this bud? Any more pics of the arches, interior etc? I'm in the market for a Mk3 VR
  8. So, whilst perusing the engine bay, I noticed this is looking a little worse for wear, probably from the amount of times I swap my airbox for a cone filter and back again. Can I just bin it off and vent to atmosphere? Or do I need some sort of weird catch tank set up?
  9. As long as you dont mind a mystic with rotton sills........ I dont mind putting mine on the stand
  10. Sounds lovely. I need to get my decat on and delete my suitcase silencer
  11. Hi there Mystic friend. I got my mystic from scotland too, must be a common colour in the highlands ,lol
  12. Thought I would put a few snaps up of my latest VR (my 3rd now, these are addictive) Mystic blue, 3 door, 90k DSC_9319 by McPikie, on Flickr Lowered on some TA Teknix coilovers, cat back Magnex stainless (which is quieter than the original one) and a cone filter (although back with standard airbox at the moment) DSC_9306 by McPikie, on Flickr New centre caps have arrived for the wheels, just need to get them on DSC_9291 by McPikie, on Flickr DSC_9273 by McPikie, on Flickr DSC_9497 by McPikie, on Flickr DSC_9488 by McPikie, on Flickr So far I have put new discs and bea
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