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  1. Thanks for that Lukey. Is there no way of finding out without removeing the seat?
  2. Hi, could anyone tell me if all Mk3 Golf Colour Concept front Recaro leather seats are heated? I've got a VR6 with Colour Concept leather interior fitted by the previous owner and was wondering if the front seats are heated so I could just buy the switches/wiring/relays/etc and plum them in. If all aren't heated, how can I tell if these ones are/aren't? Thanks for your help, Kev.
  3. Thanks for that Lukey, what about the interchangability? Can you fit either rack as long as you use the correct track rod ends?
  4. Hi all, I need to fit another steering rack to my 1995 Golf VR6. I hear that there were two types fitted. (ZF & TRW) As far as I'm aware, all VR6 Golfs had the ZF type fitted. (How can I tell which is fitted to mine without removing it from the car?) Also, if I replace the whole rack including tie rods does it matter which is currently fitted? Is the fitment to the sub frame and steering column the same between the two types? Thanks for your help, Kevin.
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