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  1. Been with you guys 5 years, just been quoted on my vr6 609,99 no mention of the draw. Was hoping to round this off to 600 but unfortunately said no.... gutted
  2. I have a full list of what i have done and what needs doing. Paperwork included: im having trouble with getting it booked in to paint as everyone is "busy" or wont touch a full paint job! Once iv painted it then i will dry store it and leave it lol but right now 2 jobs kids etc i dont have enough time or energy.
  3. Well im still restoring mine, iv got a thread on here with everything that i have done, im still cracking on with it but if i was offered my money back i would consider letting it go. Currently all it needs is a full respray and then the inside putting back together carpets seats trims etc, dash and all that is in place.
  4. You after something ready or you dont mine a running project
  5. Im not the one selling lol im interested in the vrt but no heard anything back
  6. Thank you for that. I looked in to por15 aswel, ended up getting some hammerite underseal but i might just paint it with some damp proof pain
  7. Nice. Im just waiting to get mine back so i can start on it. What would you recommend to put on the floor pan to prevent any rust? I was going with some underseal or some other rust prevention paint. I will be having all new rubbers and underlay before the carpet is fitted
  8. I agree there are not many, i sure hope mine turns out well. Been with the welder for nearly 2 months each time he checks another area there is a bit of rust so i told him whilst its there i rather have it all sorted. I have seen some scrappers go for 2k lol
  9. There are a few over priced Vr's lately. Some immaculate ones i would pay up to 5k for but im talking about sheds that people are selling for over 3k with 160k miles. I wonder what mine would fetch once iv done all the welding jobs so zero rust, fresh paint and more or less close to standard with the exception of a few subtle mods and low'ish miles.
  10. Harry-vr6


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