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  1. So far nothing unfortunately still haven't had the chance, just had a child aswel so thats set me back
  2. It cost me just shy of £1000, i had the inner and outer sills done, jacking points (reinforced) all the arches where ever there was rust, floor panel as it was patched up previously by a cartoon character lol.. also the drain holes i got rid of. Still a long list of things to do before i send it for a full paint job. The Weather and "covid" doesn't help. Hopefully will start making time during the day to do the odd few jobs. If it was sat on my drive i would most likely crack on but now that the welding has been done i have dried stored it.
  3. Finally made some time today to get a few jobs done. Started by installing the new central locking pump in boot. Stood back made a prayer and pressed the button IT WORKS! Thats one thing out the way. Next was the heater blower and resistor, straight frwd job and what a relief it all works fine. Thats 2 things ticked if the TO Do list.
  4. You sir are a legend! And you are correct i only have the issue on the driver side. I resolved the passenger side, my scuttle tray was split at the bottom therefore it pissed water in from the heater blower through the pollen filter.
  5. Where about's did you notice water entering from? Mine seems like its coming from just above the fuse box area. Could possibly be trickling down sides and then ends up just above the fuse box. I actually read this somewhere, i did enquire about a screen and a re-seal as i feel it could be just what you said! It does look as though someone has done a poor job on sealing the windscreen especially on the driver side corner. I might just get a new one fitted but first i will try and clean the area and re-seal if this stops then I know for certain its the windscreen. Any tips on whats best to use
  6. Got the car back, lots of work done to it, so far its solid now no rust issues. Its dry stored now so At least its out the poor weather. I don't even have it in me to start work on it lol but i guess i will need to start on it. I think i will start by getting the new heater blower and new resistor in hopefully this will fix the heater blower issue i have (works on full only at the moment) then i guess its on to cleaning and degreasing the inside and start on some rust prevention paint.
  7. Thank you for that. I looked in to por15 aswel, ended up getting some hammerite underseal but i might just paint it with some damp proof pain
  8. Nice. Im just waiting to get mine back so i can start on it. What would you recommend to put on the floor pan to prevent any rust? I was going with some underseal or some other rust prevention paint. I will be having all new rubbers and underlay before the carpet is fitted
  9. Ye i have cleared this area, i also cleaned out the door jam drains, i did check the sun roof ones but they seemed clear. We did discover a hole in the drives arch so im hoping this will resolve the issue. Im hoping once its back i will remove the trim (A pillar) and have a look there, the issue is its coming from around or just above the fuse box area.
  10. I agree there are not many, i sure hope mine turns out well. Been with the welder for nearly 2 months each time he checks another area there is a bit of rust so i told him whilst its there i rather have it all sorted. I have seen some scrappers go for 2k lol
  11. Any chance i can be sent a clear PNG image of the forums logo? And/or any other information that you think would be sufficient to promote the forum? Please let me know
  12. The previous weld job on the floor!! Im no welder but this must was a joke
  13. Quick update, popped over to see the progress of my car, one side almost completed then on to the driver side. the weld job done previously was a absolute joke lol il upload some pictures
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