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  1. Been a bit busy so never had the chance to post and update. Got the alloys on few days ago has a lovely look to it now. Everything seems to be fine however im having a strange issue with the windows. They seem to have a mind of their own going up and down. Sometimes i can put them up other times the switches don't do anything need to figure this out[emoji19]
  2. Not long before the car will be out.. I just had the last few bits of the bodywork completed today and had it undersealed.. weather was lovely today so I had to drive it back to my storage couldn't resist [emoji23]. Hopefully this week I will have the new alloys on and also get the tracking done. Breaks may need bleeding as its slightly stiff at the pedal, it hasn't been driven at all except moving it back and forth. After all the work I was looking forward to enjoying it unfortunately due to losing my storage facility end of this month I may be letting the car go.. still undecided and it's
  3. Got the interior sorted, carpet, seats all in. I ended up using some thick plastic sheets on the inside of the doors before putting on the door cards. The membrane was shot and there was nothing between the door and door card. Read a few posts on here and ended up using thick plastic sheeting. Im just glad its sealed and water tight.
  4. My screen was fine, i intended on having it removed and sealed however i nipped the corner with a screwdriver whilst poking around and it caused a small crack which then spread, i curse that damn screwdriver till this day! Loll... I actually may need clips for the interior so i will most definitely check your Page out. Hope theres a discount [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Thank you for the motivation [emoji23] and yeah i checked these drains out i gave them a good clean poured water down them and they seemed fine. however i put the leaks down to the windscreen, it was not sealed correctly it had gaps in the glue/sealant, this was removed and a brand new screen fitted, it was thoroughly cleaned around the edges treated, painted and sealed perfectly. also the bottoms off the doors on the inside where clogged and the water couldn't escape through the drain holes so it ended up inside the car, gave these a good clean and all is good. To be honest if there wa
  6. Finally got it started! Replaced the old fuse box as it didn't hold some of the fuses properly, was replaced with a very clean used one. The non start issue was due to a dead fuel pump, so ended up replacing that last night, looked like the original factory pump so no surprise it was dead. Started on the button after 1 year! Will be building the car over the next couple of days. Old pump Replaced with a new one
  7. Forgot to mention I cleaned the earth wires under the battery tray etc including the battery terminals.
  8. So i finally picked up that car, for some reason its refusing to start! I can not hear the fuel pump prime. The new battery installed was dead due to some negligence from the bodyshop so i ended up getting a new one under warranty. Still won't start, i then started to inspect the fuse box as i know for sure it has had water getting in just above it so possibly corroded in some parts. Some of the fuses did not sit flush therefore i just replaced the fuse box last night. Now i found a red connector which was inserted in 30/30B once removed i noticed one of the pins was burnt however i can not re
  9. The bodyshop has been cracking on so maybe it will be done sooner than expected. Although the car has been sat there almost for a year lol. He has stone chipped the undersides of the wings to give it some extra protection. The sills will also be done however the will be smooth without the bumpy effect. Im dreading putting it back together its been so long! Anyway here are some more pic's. All the black bits such as front splitter, scuttle tray, and rear bumper strip will be in satin black, i like to keep the original look.
  10. Im getting rid of the roof Ariel, iv also had the rear wiper removed, the hole has been flattened down as there is a small ridge around it so this was flattened with a grinder. The new sills have been treated and the bodyshop has applied some red oxide before he continues with the work. This project has taken a lot longer than expected however it will be worthwhile (i hope) The rear quarter glass was stuck on using some adhesive which was not done professionally therefore the whole area had to be grinded down to bare metal to remove the excess residue, it was then treated then primed.
  11. Quick update, its been a while, car should be painted in the next few weeks, Too many things going on with work etc so not had the time to update. I have decided to do something slightly different with the paint however the base colour will remain mystic blue ...
  12. Finally the shed has gone to the body shop! Will update soon
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