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    Send me your number PM me if u like. I will get in touch with you.

    What are you looking for cash wise for the black one? I don't want to waste your time or mine. If its out of my budget.

    About an hour away from you

    Whats your location

    What you wanting for it? What type of service history does it have? Any rust issues? What work needs doing to it? Is that a private plate on the car?

    Ahh cool looks nice. How come you have removed the angle lights and wheels?

    Hi bud, you got any pics and details

    Anything for sale plz let me know
  9. Why you should try Chris Knott this month...

    Yes i know Malinda is i thought Andy had left but yea they are great people. I have already given my details to Nick a few months back and as mentioned nothing can be done. Once it was identified as a fraudulent claim the "fault" should have been rectified instead the underwriter left it on, my no claims bonus was NOT protected but it did not effect me as it was determined that the 3rd party who was a scumbag riding a cycle illegally was trying his luck. But again its unfair as its stuck on my name and cost me money when it should have been removed.
  10. Why you should try Chris Knott this month...

    I did try after 4 years of being with you but unfortunately from approximately £400 it shot up to £3000 and you could not beat a quote from confused.com which was approximately £700. Not only this you put a fault claim on my record when I have never had an accident in my life. This has cost me money due to someone's incompetence. I understand what you are saying regarding price fluctuations however I also think it is important to tell your customers and then stick to facts. I was told it was due to the post code. Then I was told it is due to my vehicle being in a high insurance group (vw golf tdi) however my vr6's which are technically in a higher insurance category cost me half the money to insure. Then on top you started to apply restrictions and checking mileage against the MOT which didn't really bother me as I stick within my estimated annual mileage And to be honest once this fraudulent claim was recorded against me I was treated like a criminal and the customer service went from above average to really poor! Andy who I believe is no longer there was a true gent a few years back and also Malinda both of these made things a breeze. I recall trying to resolve the matter but nothing was ever done And i was told "you don't have long left for the accident to come off your record" that was the end result i got after complaining. So to everyone who reads this be aware and please shop around everything is "perfect" when there are no issues but when the issues arise you will be dealt with in a completely different way. Maybe it was just me but i feel i should make others aware.
  11. Why you should try Chris Knott this month...

    You guys get steeper every year and your reasons change every other day! Its a shame a customer can be loyal but insurance companies unfortunately are not. There are far better and cheaper companies out there if people do their research
  12. Will send PM now. Thanks
  13. Used your service for past 4 years price and service was fantastic, now the premium is stupidly high and i seem to get loads of different excuses from the team. Its either the "post code" is bad or the vehicle is in a high insurance group etc etc. I cant even insure a BMW without providing some evidence! Now i had a 1.9 tdi golf mk5 insured with you the premium was fair at £500 per annum now that iv upgraded to a mk6 2.0 tdi im seeing an increase, £3000 plus milage restrictions! Iv just recently asked for a quote which was in the region of £3000! I don't believe the company looks at relevant driver / vehicle experience as you have quoted in many threads and above otherwise i would still be with you (13 years driving experience which includes vehicles such as BMW M3, ASTON MARTIN DB9 and 2 PORSCHE 911's with 4 years Ncb earned through chris knott) it seems loyalty doesn't pay off! Your staff told me the under writer could not quote me however When i shopped around i was quoted around £700, so I mentioned this and hey presto the same under writer matched the quote -£20! To top it off a fraudulent claim was made against me by a cyclist there was NO ACCIDENT NO impact NO damage and no injuries, just some scumbag trying it on, the case was dropped by the cyclists solicitor as it was quite evident it was a bogus claim. This is now logged on my record as a non fault accident! It seems like someone can get your registration plate and accuse you of hit and run and the insurance company knowing its a false/fraudulent claim still log it as a non fault claim. I informed the authorities regarding this but still I have to suffer the consequence of a jacked up premium. After emailing your staff if they could do any better with the quote i was told its £3000 + and then i was ignored. I thought a quotation was valid for 10 days?
  14. You guys have spiked your prices !!
  15. Firstly apologies as this is not related to a VR6 engine its a golf mk6 2.0 tdi dsg. Having a issue with temperature, takes almost forever to warm up temp gauge doesnt move after a 30 min drive at 50mph at times on a longer run it goes up but the outside air seems to cool it dwn so it drops down significantly. Spent an hour today monitoring the ECT via a diagnostic tool hooked to the diagnostics port. Car was mainly stationary while conducting the test with the odd few round the block drives. 10 mins after cold start engine coolant temp is 38.8degrees via OBD Temp gauge still flat Heater luke warm 15 mins ECT 47deg Temp gauge still flat Heater little warmer 20 min ECT 52.2D Temp gauge at second line Heater warm 30 min ECT 57.7D Temp gauge quarter mark Heater warmer 40 min ECT 63.3 Temp gauge 2 quarters moved Heater fairly hot 45 min ECT 70D Temp gauge 1 notch from 90 Heater hot 51 min ECT 75D Temp gauge 90 Heater hot Blasting heater for a minute temp gauge dropped ECT on OBD dropped too but slowly increases when heaters off. issue is this car has 2 thermostats one is the inline thermostat housed under the air box and the other is buried deep and is a pig of a job! does this above readings show any issue with the thermostat or possibly temp sensor? Top Rad pipe is warm and lower is cool about 5/10 mins after a cold start, too pipe does get hotter than the lower one. just trying to figure it out before throwing money at it in the mean time the VR will be my daily lol.