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  1. Send info On vrT plz
  2. i will also be replacing the windscreen, i was giving the channels on the side a clean and trying to assess if there was a gap and like a idiot i chipped it and since then it has spread so I'll just have it replaced. That way i know the screen is properly done, the area under the scuttle panel has been cleaned, re-sealed and painted, fresh seam sealer applied too. The rusty hole in the arch has also been fixed so hopefully it will be water tight.
  3. These are just hand painted
  4. Ended up removing the fuse box and gave it a good clean with some contact cleaner. Replaced fuses and hoped for the best... and it lives! Started up straight away, was very happy... in the mean time im trying to source some parts such as rubber seals and a door hinge. Iv got a brand new aux water pump/after run coolant pump, that was delivered yesterday so will hopefully flush out the coolant and fit this. Will be having some engine work done so will replace the thermostat then. I used some red oxide on the insides of the wings after wire brushing them to bare metal. Once they are painted i wi
  5. I found a gent who guided me how to remove the aftermarket alarm, found out it was not a immobiliser just a alarm unit. The b****** still wont start. Cranks and cranks thats about it...... out of ideas now getting tired of it if im honest
  6. Iv had the battery disconnected whilst i completed some work. Hooked it back up and now the car wont start. Not sure if its an immobiliser fault, a relay or fuel pump dead. It cranks it wants to start but doesn't. Removed fuel pipes nothing coming through whilst cranking. Had it hooked to vcds nothing on there. Everything is exactly how it was so not sure why it wont start. Another one on the list
  7. Right... gave the inside of the car a once over with some paint (rustoleum), will be sanding it down lightly and do a second coat. Cleaned up all the surface rust here and there wasn't much as I had some welding work done so the main rusty areas where taken care of. I applied some rust prevention liquid. I did lift some of the old seam sealer and then re applied some fresh seam sealer. I also removed everything from under the scuttle tray and gave this a clean (again) and then painted it. I sealed the rubber bung under the ecu and also the bonnet release grommet. I Went over the whole area wi
  8. Was working on the car late the other night. Started by cleaning under the scuttle tray, removed the wiper motor, Ecu and pollen filter housing. Gave it all a clean and then wire brushed the whole area as i wanted to apply fresh seam seal and also seal the bonnet release grommet properly. As i wire brushed i noticed some rust about 50p size just by the bonnet release grommet. The seam seal just came away so im guessing this could have been the source of the water leak inside the car. I cleaned the area and applied some treatment, left it to dry and then 24'hours later i applied fresh seam seal
  9. Removed the hella lights today for a quick tidy up and also to replace some missing bolts. Lots of over spray on the outer covers, so i will give these a clean and give it a spray with some spray tint as I want them to look slightly darker but at the same time glossy. Took a fair bit of scrubbing to get these clean. Hopefully once done they will look mint. Will upload pics once done, but here is what they where like before and after cleaning them
  10. Front end friday!! Lol stripped the front end today, wanted to make sure there wasn't any surprises under there, thankfully all is well and solid. Luckily when I removed the wings they had very minor surface rust around the edges. I gave this a clean and used some rust convertor just to be safe. I will be using something on the insides of the wings to help protect them a little more. Bumper was held in by 3 screws what a shame. So will be picking up some fresh bolts to replace the old ones and also the missing ones. Im in 2 minds if i want to delete the front fogs or keep them..: hmmm wil
  11. Spent a couple of hours today on the car, cleared all the bits and bobs out and then proceeded to give it a clean. I wire brushed some of the surface rust and then went over this with some rust treatment just to prevent it from reoccurring. Also there was a lot of dust from the welding job. Hopefully will go over this with a hoover and then degrease the whole inside of the car before I prep it for painting inside.
  12. Had a little clear out today and then ended up removing the rear wiper and the rest of the carpets mainly in the boot to get it cleaned up and ready for paint on the floor etc. Also removed the number plate holder wasn't my cup of tea.
  13. So far nothing unfortunately still haven't had the chance, just had a child aswel so thats set me back
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