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  1. Been a while but getting there slowly... taking all the glass out before i prep the car
  2. Been with you guys 5 years, just been quoted on my vr6 609,99 no mention of the draw. Was hoping to round this off to 600 but unfortunately said no.... gutted
  3. I have a full list of what i have done and what needs doing. Paperwork included: im having trouble with getting it booked in to paint as everyone is "busy" or wont touch a full paint job! Once iv painted it then i will dry store it and leave it lol but right now 2 jobs kids etc i dont have enough time or energy.
  4. Well im still restoring mine, iv got a thread on here with everything that i have done, im still cracking on with it but if i was offered my money back i would consider letting it go. Currently all it needs is a full respray and then the inside putting back together carpets seats trims etc, dash and all that is in place.
  5. You after something ready or you dont mine a running project
  6. Im not the one selling lol im interested in the vrt but no heard anything back
  7. Ahh brilliant i will get a cap of some sort and do what you have.. so far no warning lights. Thank you for that
  8. Can you show me please so i can adjust mine too
  9. Ready to get it painted. Just need to replace the windscreen and have the rear quarter glass removed... will update soon
  10. Quick update. Been very busy with work so never really got round to doing anything. Had a mechanic out today, had all the fluids, water, and all filters changed. The fuel filter was a joke looked like it was the original one from factory but could be wrong. Had a new after run coolant pump fitted, the old one was shot pretty badly. So far so good, just need to remove the doors and boot-lid and start sending it to the body shop.
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