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  1. Thanks guys ! Had a scout around the forum seems kinda active still which is bonus ! Looking forward to getting the Porsche 6 pots on and update the coilovers before a trip to Austria and of course the ring and the Mecca for VW of course also
  2. hi all new to the forum , had a r32 for a long time now about 10 years ish .... anyway list of current engine mods / recent work: R32 HGP TURBO GT35 with custom housings VAG 630cc injectors (4 bar) 8:5:1 Compression Short Runner Intake Exhaust Manifolds with Lambda Ports Down pipe with internal Wastegate HGP map Custom 3" Lucifer exhaust with VACS custom decat Running approx 20 psi Approx 520 bhp 490 ftlbs Sachs Race Single Mass Flywheel , sintered paddle disc Secondary Fuel Pump Rear 312mm Discs with standard
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