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  1. breaking golf mk3 vr6 - bromley, kent

    I'll have the drivers side door trim, if I can please. Can you post ? eta. I'm also after the standard airbox. Thanks.
  2. Vr6 golf

    Yes mate, you're bonkers!!! Seriously though, if it's the car you want, go for it. I'm restoring an R-reg Highline and the bills just keep coming! I have absolutely no mechanical nouse, so that makes it more expensive as I have to pay someone. The parts are getting harder to come by and VR6s are getting rarer. I believe there are about 1000 left on UK roads and only 280 of them are Highlines. You'll end up with a classic if you go for it!!
  3. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    I've done a few more bits on the newer (to me) Vr6. First of all It's not a genuine Highline as I'd thought. So far it's had.. Oil change and filter New spark plugs magnecor ht leads new coil. Dab radio fitted New seat covers steering wheel cover New front grille with badges Next week it's booked in for... New water pump and hoses Rear wheel bearings Steering bushes Secure a wobbly exhaust. I'll probably change the wheels back to 15'' BBS I have on the Highline. It's on TT Comps at the moment. Main job after this lot is the sills. The previous owner added plastic sill covers off a Gti to disguise the rust. I need to remove them and get it patched. I reckoned when I bought it I'd have to spend 500 quid on it and it seems I'm about right. The MOT is due in May so I thought it wise to get the work done before I sell it on.
  4. It's well worth getting a decent German coilpack, some good HT leads (- I use Magnecour) and some decent plugs. I've fitted these to me last three VR6s and each time it's transformed the car. I'm currently running a tankful of Redex mix to clear the injectors as I previously found some improvement.
  5. Hi

    Hello and welcome What are the plans? It looks pretty tidy to start with.
  6. Post the last photo of your car!

    My three Golfs. Mk3 VR6 Highline Mk3 VR6 Mk6 R The R-reg Highline is going for a respray soon, hopefully. This has been my daily driver for four years. I bought the other P-reg one a few months back to run around in while the Highline is away. The P-reg needs a few bits to get it running properly. A new coil, Magnecour HT leads and new plugs are bought or on order. I'm going to Redex the fuel system on next fill up. I bought a secondhand front grill to replace the broken debadged one that was on there. It has TT Comp wheels which have been badly sprayed but I might do something with them. It had been left standing for ages with only 2000 miles in the last five years. The interior was pretty damp and even some mildew forming on the seats. I've had a dehumidifier in there for couple of days and pulled two litres of water out of it! Then my mate gave it a full professional valet.
  7. VR6 for sale

    The telephone code is for Alloa. Too far for me.
  8. Wanted - Black VR6 drivers door trim.

    Bump. Still looking? The car's going into the bodyshop soon so this is getting more urgent!
  9. Highline VR6 Badges

    Sorry mate. You must mean the ones with the black background. Good luck with the search.
  10. Highline VR6 Badges

    I've got a spare one. I bought off ebay but then managed to find a complete front grille with the badges attached
  11. Vr6 prob

    Wheel Bearing? Something caught between disc and disc guard?
  12. What’s up everyone!!!!

  13. [WANTED] Low mileage VR6

    There was a super low miler floating about a few months back. 10k miles and they wanted 15k for it iirc. I was hunting a low miler but the best I found was one with 50k. The trouble with the low milers is that they've often sat unused for long periods. Both of mine have taken some reconditioning to get them running well. It's a tall order but good luck with your search
  14. Help please help me

    Could it be the water pump? They tend to get replaced every 60k on a cambelt car but with ours having chains it tends to get overlooked. Just a hunch
  15. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    I took delivery of my third VR6 last weekend. I bought it blind off e-bay so rather than driving it home I had it shipped on a flatbed. A quick evaluation and I think it needs some steering bushes, wheel bearing on the rear and a new water pump. It'll need new sills at some point. The previous owner crudely screwed some GTi sill protectors to hide the rust. According to the paperwork it's done 2500 miles in six years, so it's a re-commisioning job. I bought it as a stop-gap while my other VR has the bodywork sorted so I don't want to spend loads on it. I want to get it running reliably and to get it through it's MOT next year. The plan then is to sell it unless it proved to be a good car, in which case I'll spend a bit more on it and stick it away for a few years. The seller had the car cleaned before I collected it and the interior is coated with silicon spray. It's horrible. Everything is slippery and leaves a coating on your hands. My arse is sliding around on the seat and my hands slipping on the steering wheel. The exterior looks like it's had a coat of WD40 on it! I've had to book a professional to come a do a full valet before I can use it. It's cool to see two identical black highlines on the drive