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  1. Wanted a vr6

    I'll be selling when my Highline is back from Body shop next month. It has fresh 12mth MOT now.
  2. Wanted - VR6 Coolant expansion tank.

    Cheers. The GTi tank I bought was off ebay and was advertised as a VR6 tank, so I'm wary of the sellers. I thought if someone on here had one they're sure is from a VR6 I'd be happier.
  3. Wanted - VR6 Coolant expansion tank.

    Still looking! The Gti tank I fitted seems to work OK but I'm only doing short journeys round town.
  4. Wanted a vr6

    Blimey. Have you not found one yet? I'll be selling one of mine in a few weeks time. As soon as my Highline comes back from the bodyshop the other one will be up for sale, hopefully with 12mths MOT.
  5. Hi Guys. Anyone breaking a VR6? I need the coolant expansion tank - mine has a split in it and as soon as the water heats up it emptied all of it's water. I bought one online from Lithuania which is the wrong size - it's about 2/3rds of the capacity. I fitted it and the car seems to run OK but I'd like to get the right tank on eventually. Anyone able to help me out?
  6. One of the best things about a VR6 is the noise it makes but both of mine sound shite. I had a Longlife cat-back made for the Highline with one small silencer and twin exit pipes. This is fine just cruising but it really booms when throttle is applied. Even my son said it's too loud. The other VR6 has a broken pipe. There's something rattling loose inside one of the silencers. I think it's a standard pipe but it runs a sport air filter which gives it an intake roar. I used to have a Magnaflow cat back on my old VR6 and that sounded pretty good. What pipes are you guys running? I really want a pipe that will show off the V6 howl.
  7. Amazing thread and a beast of a car!
  8. I've been told that UK Mail will ship anything and they would be worth a try. I can pm you my postcode and house number. Failing that I have a friend who is staying in Christchurch for a few months and she has a van. I could ask her if she'd collect for me. She's not much into cars and she's staying in a tent but she's a good mate and might help. I'd rather find a courier first. Could you phone UK mail ? My cancer was mouth cancer and I don't speak very well. Alexa hasn't a fucking clue what I'm saying, nor does any other speech recognition programmes. I find that people with English as a second language often struggle to understand. Cheers
  9. Hi and Welcome. My tip would be.........make it loud!!!!!
  10. Rolling Road Day 2017

    I know the guys at Dynodaze. They were at Hinckley next door to R-tech. R-tech have moved just up the road to Nuneaton but It's half a mile from the old place. I tbink Dynodaze stayed put. I've been up there a few times and there's always a good turn out. If the club wanted a VR6 day I'm sure other clubs would join us on the day.
  11. MK3 Golf VR6 Mauritius Blue Interior

    Is your car a VR6? It could be from a Mk3 GTi Colour Concept car. My mechanic has a blue one with blue interior. I'm not sure if it has a blue dash but I'll look tomorrow as his garage is 100yds up the road. I have red colour concept seats and door trims in one of my VRs.
  12. I've got TT comps on one of my VRs - it runs 205 40 17 but it's not lowered. There's 2.5 inch clearance on the front but only 1.5 inch at the back.
  13. If you could find a courier it would be greatly appreciated. I'll have a search about as well. Thanks.
  14. Hi mate. I could really use that on my current project! Would you consider sending it by courier? I'll cover any costs incurred obviously. Most couriers will collect and I could reimburse you via immediate transfer or paypal. I'm in Leicester but I'm recovering from cancer and Bournemouth is a bit too far for me to drive.
  15. Mk3 golf vr6 highline

    How much?