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  1. Vr6 prob

    Wheel Bearing? Something caught between disc and disc guard?
  2. What’s up everyone!!!!

  3. [WANTED] Low mileage VR6

    There was a super low miler floating about a few months back. 10k miles and they wanted 15k for it iirc. I was hunting a low miler but the best I found was one with 50k. The trouble with the low milers is that they've often sat unused for long periods. Both of mine have taken some reconditioning to get them running well. It's a tall order but good luck with your search
  4. Help please help me

    Could it be the water pump? They tend to get replaced every 60k on a cambelt car but with ours having chains it tends to get overlooked. Just a hunch
  5. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    I took delivery of my third VR6 last weekend. I bought it blind off e-bay so rather than driving it home I had it shipped on a flatbed. A quick evaluation and I think it needs some steering bushes, wheel bearing on the rear and a new water pump. It'll need new sills at some point. The previous owner crudely screwed some GTi sill protectors to hide the rust. According to the paperwork it's done 2500 miles in six years, so it's a re-commisioning job. I bought it as a stop-gap while my other VR has the bodywork sorted so I don't want to spend loads on it. I want to get it running reliably and to get it through it's MOT next year. The plan then is to sell it unless it proved to be a good car, in which case I'll spend a bit more on it and stick it away for a few years. The seller had the car cleaned before I collected it and the interior is coated with silicon spray. It's horrible. Everything is slippery and leaves a coating on your hands. My arse is sliding around on the seat and my hands slipping on the steering wheel. The exterior looks like it's had a coat of WD40 on it! I've had to book a professional to come a do a full valet before I can use it. It's cool to see two identical black highlines on the drive
  6. vr6 3dr mulberry highline

    Have you still got bits for sale. I'm looking for a front grill with preferably with badges. edit. Found one now.
  7. What's it worth?? Golf VR6 Highline

    I've just been searching for another VR6 and judging what I've seen, I'd say you could ask 3000 and expect to get 2500. The rust goes against it, as does the high-ish milage. I've just got one from ebay auction with 108k miles, 3 door highline for under 1700. I know people are asking 3500-5000 but they're not selling. There will be buyers out there willing to spend the money on a tidy one. I paid 3500 for one a couple of years ago but that was one owner and 50k miles. GLWS
  8. Looking to buy another VR6.

    I've found another Golf VR6 I've sourced a black P-reg, 118k miles off ebay. I've bought blind so I hope it's not a wreck!! Thanks to the members who contacted me with offers.
  9. Looking to buy another VR6.

    Thanks for the offer, Bill. Sounds like a nice car, I've never had a Corrado but it a bit more than I wanted to spend. Essentially I'm looking for a cheap VR6 to run around in while my VR6 is being restored/resprayed. I didn't reckon on spending more than £1500 -£1800 or somewhere around there.
  10. Looking to buy another VR6.

    As the title. Must be a good reliable runner. Any year, any colour but not an auto. Not too bothered about bodywork. Must be within easy reach of Leicester. Cash money waiting.
  11. Golf vr6 k reg !!missfire no power!!!!

    When my lambda sender went the car was popping and farting but it would make forward progress. I drove from my house to the garage, a trip of a mile and a half. The garage put up the car on the ramp and the catalytic converter was glowing red! We removed the lambda and I ran it without one for years.
  12. Golf vr6 k reg !!missfire no power!!!!

    I was going to suggest TPS or Lambda Sender. I had a crank position sender go and the car wouldn't even turn over.
  13. AAA code mk3 golf for sale

    Have you still got this car? I'm up the road in Leicester and looking for a VR6 runaround. Any more details?
  14. AAA code mk3 golf for sale

    Any more details mate. Your ad is a bit sparse!! Put a bit of effort in and you might sell it
  15. For sale

    Where are you based, mate? Was this the one that was a Stealth for the RR day last year -just had an engine rebuilt as I remember?