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  1. mk3 Golf Vr6

    The price is right. A decent VR becoming a rare beast.
  2. Hi!

    Welcome. I love the Mystic Blue!
  3. Ignition Coilpack required

    My experience of VR6s and I've owned three of them over 15 yrs, says get the best coilpack you can and a decent set of leads. Buy cheap and you'll buy twice! I usually buy Bosch, expensive but quality.
  4. Vr6

    Really. That's great.
  5. Vr6

    One of my VR6s was difficult to get into first gear. (I think that what you're saying). Initially I thought the clutch was going but my mechanic said it was OK. He suggested the clutch lever was bent and needed replacement, which seemed odd. Anyway I sat in the car and hooked my foot under the clutch pedal and pulled it upward. There was about an inch of movement and it changed gear perfectly after that! I had to repeat this action every three months or so. It might be worth a try!!
  6. Tires

    I've just shod my Highline with Toyo Proxy TR1s. Quite a soft tyre but good grip. My old Tomcat Turbo would eat a set of Toyo front tyres in 2500 miles!!!
  7. 3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    Wow! And the 3.6!! How did that miss my radar!
  8. 3.2 V6 Eos Owner

    Until now I wasn't aware VW made a V6 Eos! Nice car!!
  9. Black VR6 for sale. *****SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**

    The car is now SOLD to Adnan and we have a new club member
  10. Black VR6 for sale. *****SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**

    Yes Ok but be aware that I've had mouth cancer so I talk a bit funny. 07913 841558
  11. Black VR6 for sale. *****SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**

    Yes mate. First come, first served!!
  12. Black VR6 for sale. *****SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**

    I've had a think overnight and the best I'll do is £999. No offers. Any less and I rather stick it in the lockup and continue to use it as a spare. I drive it almost every day and it's not a bad little runabout as it is.
  13. Black VR6 for sale. *****SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**

    That's a bit too low.
  14. Black VR6 for sale. *****SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**

    Yes I have. What's your offer?
  15. Wanted a vr6

    Tidy motor!!