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  1. Of course, I was sick of people trying to charge daft prices for stuff when I was rebuilding my own car so ended up buying a whole one instead,now I just shelf bits but make a bit on the side and as a bonus help to keep other mk3s on the road. Whatever the cheapest price is I always undercut them 👍
  2. I know the feeling, I had the same with my own screen but it was only a minor leak. Did it myself first time around, removed original screen with diamond wire (took hours!) and managed it without breaking it, was well chuffed. It only lasted 2 years until it cracked as I used sikaflex/tigerseal to remount it. Fella that came to remove it had hell of a job getting it back out 😄 Mine is off road for the winter again, and I'm already suffering withdrawal, 2 years is a long time without hearing that exhaust note. Good luck with the rebuild, hope it goes well. If you need anything, cli
  3. Late to the party but great read mate and well done for sticking in with it. Loads of people would have stripped this one for parts after finding all that rot! I don't know if you got to bottom of your leaks but sunroof drains are always a first culprit in my experience. Either clogged up or cracked/split. Best to remove them and inspect, easy to do while everything is apart anyway. Good luck!
  4. My 4 year old chuffed to bits to be riding shotgun in Dad's "broom broom" car as he puts it...
  5. A rather wet but well attended Kirkcudbright Classic Car Show.. found a nice original mk2 Gti to park next to..bonus!
  6. Winter hibernation in the spray booth..just a few easy jobs here n there and she'll be ready for shiny summer wheels and the road again...! After 2 years off the road excited is an understatement!!
  7. I guess you're right, I just wish I had one that wasn't damp, dusty and shared with 3 others... It beats rebuilding on driveway though I suppose!
  8. Bitten off little more than I can chew feeling at moment......
  9. Progress update... Windscreen, roof lining and trim all back in.. Was definitely a lot easier getting lining out, not a job I'd be in a hurry to repeat! Slight issue with screen height, my scuttle panel doesn't quite seal with the screen? Anybody any thoughts on a fix for this? Seal sits about 3mm proud of actually contacting the screen! Not enough height on windscreen sealant but it's in now so it will be staying put.
  10. Windscreen out for rust n leak repair
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