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  1. My 4 year old chuffed to bits to be riding shotgun in Dad's "broom broom" car as he puts it...
  2. A rather wet but well attended Kirkcudbright Classic Car Show.. found a nice original mk2 Gti to park next to..bonus!
  3. Post the last photo of your car!

  4. Post the last photo of your car!

    Winter hibernation in the spray booth..just a few easy jobs here n there and she'll be ready for shiny summer wheels and the road again...! After 2 years off the road excited is an understatement!!
  5. Post the last photo of your car!

    I guess you're right, I just wish I had one that wasn't damp, dusty and shared with 3 others... It beats rebuilding on driveway though I suppose!
  6. Post the last photo of your car!

    Bitten off little more than I can chew feeling at moment......
  7. Introduction from me

    Progress update... Windscreen, roof lining and trim all back in.. Was definitely a lot easier getting lining out, not a job I'd be in a hurry to repeat! Slight issue with screen height, my scuttle panel doesn't quite seal with the screen? Anybody any thoughts on a fix for this? Seal sits about 3mm proud of actually contacting the screen! Not enough height on windscreen sealant but it's in now so it will be staying put.
  8. Hey Everyone !!

    Looks clean, Welcome!
  9. Post the last photo of your car!

    Windscreen out for rust n leak repair
  10. My first golf vr6!

  11. Introduction from me

    Thank you, a second opinion is always reassuring! I'm doing most things as a first time so little unsure sometimes..
  12. My first golf vr6!

    Have a quick search, top of my head it's just under 2 litres to fill. (or two bottles of mt90) if it does turn out to be the box, either get a 3.6FD put in at same time as rebuild or you can put a Golf v5 box in instead (3.9FD). That's what I did but not driven it yet as mine still undergoing rebuild.
  13. My first golf vr6!

    I've never used any gearbox additive so couldn't say but fresh oil would be my first port of call, you'd be shocked at state old oil comes out like. If it works then you've saved some £££ (and can then replace cheap oil for mt90 knowing it's not a waste) Gearbox rebuild is costly unless you diy.