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  1. Yeah there was a rallye and a black vr6 reg plate starting with P730
  2. Came over today at 3:30 think you guys had left was gutted really wanted to see some nice mk3's lol
  3. Is it too late to get my vr6 on the club stand just for leeds vw fest just for the sunday?cheers fella

  4. Hi guys can i buy a ticket to be on the club stand just for the sunday??cheers
  5. T_vr6

  6. Alton Towers VR6OC trip

    Id be up for this
  7. Club Shop

    Im up for purchasing a few little goodies i will be ordering my polo top very very soon too :-)
  8. Came over to club stand on Sunday at around 2ish none of you guys were there lol
  9. Highline Engine Swap

    Cheers fellas very much appreciated I was pretty sure that it drops straight in hopefully should be ready by UD
  10. Highline Engine Swap

    So I wont have any problems if the new engine is from a non highline? cheers
  11. Hi guys im looking to do a engine swap into my vr due to my engine failing.I will be swapping an engine from a 1996 n reg vr6 into my 1996 highline would it be a straight swap or would I have problems because it is a highline? Did they make obd2's in 1996? Any help would be very much appreciated cheers
  12. Got 2 black highlines now My love for VR's just increases day by day lol
  13. This was my old car was 1 quick vr lol :-)
  14. Misfiring

    MJ It had original leads in first then I ordered new ones from euro car parts and the spark plugs were knackerd it took me nearly 4 hours to get them out I had to break into them and Jimjon yeah checked them over 3 times theyr in the correct firing order