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  1. Hi all, I recently started to have a problem where my auto VR6 did not want to move in reverse, it seemed to engage fine but no bite it just revved. This problem was worse when the engine was cold and improved when the operating temp was reached. This started suddenly after a head gasket change at a workshop. Took it back to complain, they changed the ATF fluid but same fault. I'm not sure if they even checked the codes, somehow I doubt it, either that or they ignored them. Cut to today and I managed to get the fault codes read and this is interesting: Addre
  2. Another request: Does anyone know the oem block part number for an AAA OBD2 '97 ?
  3. Hi all, Long story short: Blew a head gasket on the way to the airport a couple of weeks ago (secondary waterpump failed, hose sheared off, overheated etc). Just made our flight after a very nice RAC man showed up in record time, towed us to a workshop and then dropped us off at departues (we owe you beer, dude!). A few days later the phone calls began (blown head gasket confirmed following pressure check). So the head was removed and the next phone call was all about explaining that the head was knackered due to excessive corrosion in the coolant channels and the block was in a
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