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  1. Newish from Worcester

    I'll have to take a butchers at that.. sounds nice..
  2. Newish from Worcester

    If ya need any advise on anything just ask, I know these motors inside out now.. [emoji6]
  3. Newish from Worcester

    Looks nice mate.. You say you've got R32 running gear, so I'm guessing you've changed out steering rack, cast arms, changed the hubs & ARB's? I've done all that to my 5 door, also got adjustable rear tie bars & she's polly bushed right round. Got vibra-technics engine mounts and for a while now it's been sat on AP coilovers which I want to change out at some point for Koni SRT, for a little more comfort on my 44 year old ass lol.. I've done a tone of other stuff including having had the motor & box out for some new components & a bit of a bay clean up... Anyway hers my old girl which I've owned for nearly 9 years now..
  4. what's it worth?

    How much ya looking for...?
  5. Any pictures of this system pal..?
  6. [SOLD] Golf 4 Motion Milltek Non Res

    You initially said £200....[emoji848] how's it gone up £50...
  7. Timing chain on 4motion

    The chains may appear fine but they do wear. If you make a comparison with a new set, you'll see the difference immediately. The links wear and create more side to side movement. If you hold up the old chain on its side at either end, you shall notice the difference of wear from a new one, in that the old one shall fall into a bigger loop than the new... Hope that makes sence! No point in skimping on the chains when it's all stripped down, you may aswel change the lot... Granted the chains may last a little longer than the guides however, it just makes more practical sence to change everything. one very important thing to remember when rebuilding the timing components is the correct fittment of the chain sprockets to the intermediate shaft... Always use new bolt (red arrow in pic) or at the very least a good quality thread lock and tighten to the correct torque setting, the last thing you want is that bolt working its way loose!!
  8. Timing chain on 4motion

    It's defiantly worth servicing the haldex mate.. I'm way over the top with mine as I change bothe oil & filter every 10k or 12mth which every comes sooner. Anyway the usual is oil every 20 & both every 40k. I've adapted my filling point with a custom snap fix set up, makes life so much easier & dont spill a drop??
  9. V6 4motion power loss no codes!!

    Sounds like you may have a dodgy injector.. Or FPR (fuel pressure regulator).. Sometimes you'll get a bunch of codes pop up because of the affects of another fault however, it does all point toward fuel or electrical issue..
  10. Timing chain on 4motion

    Hey fella I really wouldn't worry too much as there's a lot people being way overzealous on this subject... There's also a whole lot of misinterpreted information on the technicalities of the infamous vr6 timing chains i.e. Stretching! 1st of all chains do not stretch... This is a myth, however they can & do wear out, the way in which a chain wears is in the side to side movement of each link. The parts that tend to wear out in the motor are the guilds & tensioners causing the chains to become slacker which can eventually effect the timing, especially on the 24valvers due to them having VVT (variable valve timing). Worse case scenario of worn guilds tensioners & chains, is that the slackness can eventually cause the chain to jump a tooth or even snap a chain, but this is generally on a badly maintained motor with extremely high milage and is very rare! The tensioners on the very early 12valver VR6's were made of lesser quality to those of later models & have been know to fall apart on high milage motors with again... Poor service history! Having said all of this, I did change the timing components on my 4motion 24v only because I had the box off to change the clutch & flywheel, so then I thought fuck it and took the motor out aswel. Anyway once I stripped it all down, there was defiantly some wear on all the timing components but nothing detrimental, bearing in mind it this motor had 157,000miles on her, she'd probably gone on to do another 100,000 easily however, after I rebuilt it all there was a notable increase of performance, nothing massive but definitely better, it just feels tighter & more responsive. The timing checks via vag-com were also improved from -7 & -9 to -1 & -2. Once again though too many guys get scared when this test result shows their timing to be slightly outside of tolerances as were mine! This test/check with VCDS (vag-com) shows a result which translates to a measurement of microns.. Which is minuscule and its this result that can give you an idea of the wear in the guides & tensioners.. Hear are some pics of the timing components I changed on my motor.. So conclusion... If your motor is running sweet with no alarming noises or performance (especially with your milage) I wouldn't worry at all mate. She'll probably go on for another 100k, just keep up good services with quality oils/parts and maybe increase your service intervals.. I do mine every 6mths or 5000miles but that's because I'm a bit anal haha.
  11. Take some pictures & upload them to photobucket, flicker or tumblr, then simply add a link on here mate...
  12. VR6 Workshop manual

    Sold it for food.??? That's a pretty desperate situation to be in pal.. Going hungry & keeping a car!! That's something no one regrets surly... Anyway I'm glad to hear you've obviously gotten through such tuff times & back in a position where hunger no longer takes precedence over a VR6[emoji6]
  13. Remap is it worth it.

    If you root around on hear I'm sure you'll find more appropriate info with regards to obd1 Tunning...
  14. Remap is it worth it.

    Sorry mate I didn't explain myself properly.. With regards to mapping, on an obd1 you can either by an upgrade chip or have one specifically custom mapped for your car. Here a link to anther thread on hear that can help explain a little more for you... http://www.vr6oc.com/forum/topic/29376-my-stock-golf-mk3-vr6-28-could-use-a-little-more-power/
  15. Remap is it worth it.

    The best gains of a good remap in all honesty is not so much gains of bhp however, what is a noticeable difference is much better throttle response & a bit more grunt with an increased torque curve. Top end is slightly increased too, plus a slightly better MPG! Bhp is of course also increased but if you really want good decent gains then you'll wanna go down the more expensive route of changing cams, decreasing crank load, exhaust manifold, sports cats, exhaust etc... Anyway the answer to your question in my opinion is yes a remap is worth it, but don't expect massive gains!! Mk4motionVR6