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  1. Hello mate, Ground to a halt at the moment, ruined the couplings for the fuel filter so have a £150 parts bill for fuel lines !!! Other than that I've fitted stance plus ultra, lower arms and front sub frame. I had also fitted 90% engine mounts as I was going to drag the car but I will now revert back to maybe 30% or standard? Interior will stay as family has changed, next step really is the fuel lines, bit of welding around drain plugs in floor and exhaust.
  2. Well I'm totally knew to what can be fitted etc,, so I'm welcoming the learning curve
  3. Haha 2022 ,,,, turbo am zorst,,, undecided whether to lose the interior or keep it and explore the sleeper look
  4. I love the sound of the vr6, only got it saterday.
  5. I agree totally with your comments on FB, I'm 50 and don't suffer fools lol I'll be using here that's for sure,,, sunny Northamptonshire for me. My first jobs are to sort the bushes front and rear...
  6. Yeah it's not a rush job,,, the four corners first,,, Wife and I would like to visit meets as well
  7. Tidy up I think, Interior is looking it's age but no holes or tears, rust on an arch and around boot handle. More mechanical really, suspension knocks over bumps, but drive train is sound. I pad 1k for it so didn't expect a sound car
  8. Ah that's good news then, I just picked up my first Golf,,, 2001 vr6 mk4, needs a little TLC.
  9. Good morning, I have paid a membership fee and now not really sure this is an active group? Can anyone give me an update on please Cheers Jez
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