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  1. sorry it has taken so long to upload some pictures!
  2. how can I attach photos direct from my computer? I can only see how to do it by a link by photobucket or something similar.
  3. I've got a 01 Bora 4motion with 130k on the clock and i'm possibly looking to sell it. it is my daily and in good condition, has recently been serviced including oil, plugs and brake fluid change. it has also had new pre cat lambdas, BMC panel filter, Koni SRT shocks, H&R springs, H&R arb's, Superpro poly bushes, Powerflex dogbone mount, recent new arms on the rear suspension and a custom cat back stainless exhaust made by EMP performance in St Albans, it also has anthracite S3 wheels. it has the usual toys like electric everything, heated leather/alcantara seats, genuine VW carbon fib
  4. i'm thinking about getting a twin 200 cell cat made up. decat would be a pain in the rear come MOT time & without a stage 2 map i'd still have the annoying yellow warning light on the dash.
  5. I have a fault code reader, not fully done on VCDS. if I end up having to replace the cat too then i'll not be a happy chappy!
  6. Dora the Bora is running better on shell Nitro+ but i'm still getting the CEL on the dash. i'll just have to bite the bullet and replace the lambdas..... along with the G200 sensor, oil level sensor to go with the brake fluid change and oil change. the exhaust is starting to sound ropey to..... I think the Terraclean will have to wait a while!
  7. thanks, i'm getting cheesed off clearing the codes on a daily basis..... serves me right though for using supermarket fuel I suppose! I've decided to run shell nitro+ and it is now running a lot nicer & more economical too. anybody got any experience of this? http://www.terraclean.co.uk/ if it does what it says then it should clear 120k worth of cack out of the car so will hopefully run cleaner.
  8. I keep getting constant faults on my Bora 4 motion. scanning for fault codes I get 17511 & 17516. I know these are for..... 17511 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Heating: B1 S1: Performance too Low 17516 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Heating: B2 S1: Performance too Low my question is this. which oxygen sensors are they? are they the pre-cat lambdas? I don't know if all four sensors are the same so ideally i'd like to avoid buying all four if I can. thanks!
  9. yep, i'm a bit of a dumb 5hit where stuff like that is concerned. is it a DIY job?
  10. Cheers Bungy, do you have a link to it please mate?
  11. i was driving the car yesterday and the engine light came on on the dash. i plugged in a fault code reader and was confronted with a 16727 DTC. i've found a new sensor on the Bay for £25..... where would i find the sensor on the engine? how difficult is it to change? is it a DIY or garage job? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  12. I'm glad that you like the car enough to want to buy it..... but I got the car back tonight after having a new alternator fitted along with the new MAF & ESP sensor I've kind of grown fond of it all over again.
  13. well, i've made the decision that i won't be spending any more money on mods for the car. just recently i haven't driven the car as it should be driven due to not being able to afford the regular fill ups with super unleaded but i've also spent money on mods & servicing too so i'm wondering why spend money on modding a car you can't drive? yesterday i bought an ESP/acceleration sensor and a MAF and that's before i even stick any petrol in it! today, G251/acceleration sensor fitted and calibrated along with MAF..... now i have an alternator fault! i give up
  14. well, it turned out to be a G251 fault (acceleration sensor) and it couldn't be re-calibrated so i need a new one and i have a faulty MAF too so any money i had sidelined for mods will now be going on making the car healthy again!
  15. you are both leg-ends! i didn't know what the sensors looked like and i didn't know that they could recalibrated either. THANK YOU!
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