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  1. Well end of this month will be a sad day. As my vr Passat will be moving on to a new owner. In august some nob hit the drivers side two doors and the. Kindly drove off leaving the scene as my car was parked outside my home. So with me and our lass expecting identical twins I've decided to cut my losses and sell up. So once it's gone I'll be vr less. Then once we have our wedding out of the way in a couple of years. Our lass is happy for me to get a golf vr (as she said she likes golfs lol) well it will be sad to see my car go after all the fun I e had with
  2. I gathered elbow grease lol Don't want to use a jet wash as don't want any problems. I'll look at degreaser Cheers
  3. Sorry but can't find what I'm looking for. When I got my car back in Feb 2015 the engine bay was nice and clean. But because I use it. It not so much anymore. Previous cars I never bothered cleaning as loads of plastics and other ones wasn't much to look at really. So so my question is what is the best/safest way to clean the grim and muck off ? I don't own a steamer or a pressure washer.
  4. Bought my Passat vr6 in Feb 2015 and still enjoying it now I bought it as a non runner. As the heater matrix had gone. It has a 2.9 inlet manifold mates to a 2.8 ported tb. Then I swap the coilovers over from my last car and added some TT rims. Then mostly enjoyed it. Recently I've added the exhaust and kept up to maintenance. Hopefully never going to let it go.
  5. Some pictures of my car at a local meet
  6. Gave it a well needed wash, polish, and wax
  7. New zorst is on and sounds good Would add a vid I did but won't let me
  8. Ordered this for now so once it arrives will be fitted for some noise [emoji2]
  9. Not been in here much really mostly been enjoying my car. Had as the middle suitcase silencer taken out as it kept snapping the weld on the bracket holding it up. So sounds shite now ? Going to be changing the rear box shortly. To make it sound better. Was going for a cat back stainless but getting married now so that's taken priority for now. But it after just over a years ownership I'm enjoying every minute I'm behind the wheel. Just got to change discs and pads next. So any advise on which ones for 288mm (not overly priced) is welcome.
  10. a mates doing it Cheers for the advice
  11. How long does it take to do as mine decided to go last night and is leaking Cheers
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