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  1. Hi guys, As above, I am wanting to find out how many oxygen sensors does a OBD2 MK3 VR6, I've searched the web but no definitive answer. The car has a catalytic converter
  2. Thank you phil, your reply is highly appreciated Kind regards
  3. Hi All, I am new to the VR6 world and am trying to sort my project VR6 out. The car seems to be a little hesitant down lown in the rpm and is a little jittery on the pedal. I scanned it with VCDS free version and it continuously throws the codes below. Does this sound similar to anyone of you who have had a similar problem? 00525 - o2 sensor 03-10 00515 - Cam position sensor 30-00 00513 - Engine speed sensor 03-00 (car was turned off - this will show if the car is off correct?) Any help would be appreciated as these parts cost a lot. I checked wir
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