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  1. Thanks RBPE LOTS of much appreciated info. Start date sometime in May. Need to finish The Shop first!
  2. Way back in the day, probably when your parents were young, and I was too..... 1977 my first project Ghia, I started in March, on my 21.st birthday. First drive end of November to my families Thanksgiving holiday dinner 50 miles away. First drive 50 miles, on a holiday! Kids! It had a whale tail, flared fenders over the widest B.F.Goodrich Radial T/A tires I could buy. Looked a lot like a Porsche Turbo of the day. Turbo motor, electric doors, windows, rosewood dash with complete set of VDO guages, am/fm cassette radio with a 10 watt auxilary amp. Looked good, pretty fast, hand
  3. I think I found my answer Haltech.com R5 VCU. More conversations wth them but 'sounds good', so far. Philly, thanks for the warnings. There is never enough money or time. Been down similar rabbit holes. Imagine a 12 cylinder midengine Karman Ghia? Bulging bodywork to cover Porsche Turbo sized tire/wheels. Speedster like windshield? Basic idea. I have a couple other ideas for it. I do have a line on a complete VW Phaeton $5,000usd. Sorry I am in the states. Your club was first up that I thought could help. I will let you guys known when the project starts.
  4. I have a wild project percolating in my head. I'm not sure it's possible, but it should be. I'd like to use the VR6's BIG brother WR12 in a mid engine project car. The 12cyl has little if any after market support. I guess Phaeton and A8 drivers think they have enough horsepower. Considering the 12 is just another VR6 sharing the same crankshaft........ Anyone out there have experience and knowledge of the VR6 ECU and WR12? OR someone out there have any ideas where I could go (be polite) to get this worked out ANY help is appreciated Than
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