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  1. It's done 128k and had a remap done 2 weeks after the cams were done, it's been done for 2 years now, it has regular oil change probably every 6 months, and service, I haven't done anything to bottom end, do have a slight knock on a very cold morning start up and goes after 10 seconds but recently has been more noticeable, after its reached temp, but is due a oil change, but it's never had an issue till recently with blue smoke, and does smell like burning oil when driving 😕
  2. 1997 MK3 vr6 which has had timing chains replaced and pretty much everything external, plus shrick 268 cams internal, but has been using a bit extra oil than usual recently and is now blue smoking when driving sensibly, any one have any thoughts ?? Or what it could possibly be, I have heard could be piston rings or maybe valve stem seals?? Just want any ideas of what it could be Thanks Keaton
  3. Where would be the best place to get insurance on a MK3 golf estate, once I have out all VR6 engine and running gear with mods Thanks Keaton
  4. Hi, I can't seem to find alot about vr6 engine swap into a MK3 golf estate which either means it's going to be easy or just a pain lol has anyone done it on here and could give me info on things that I will have a problem with or is everything going to be a staright swap from my dona MK3 golf vr6? It's going into a 1.9tdi MK3 golf estate Cheers Keaton
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