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  1. Starter and alternatir ones can all be made new as they're only short anyway..
  2. Not sure what you are talking about tbh? but I used the standard vr6 shafts as they were, and changed to cups on the actual box to match them, they took all of 5mins to change, no seals involved that I done anyway
  3. The cups are the bokt on type on the DZL box, so you can run 100mm or 108mm cups.. whichever match ur shafts. The starter has 1 hole that needs drilling out iirc if u keep the vr6 one, otherwise the v5 will do fine but u need the bolt then as its threaded I think.. been a whike since doing mine, but its pretty much identical.. would reccomend a diesel 5th though..
  4. Money sent.. messages sent.. no replies?? Any news please?
  5. The amount of time I looked for a flash red 2door vr... If I hadnt already got 2 VRs I wouldve been straight on this.. lovely car Glws
  6. Haha no worries.. pm me ur paypal and will send funds with fees paid mate
  7. Must be the difference between early 280 setup and later 288 or something? I have gti arms on my VR now that I am building from ground up (came off my low milage 1998 colour concept) and they are identical.. (even compared to the old vr ones just incase)
  8. As above, I was dubious about that amount of money on some pretty coloured poly/rubber under my car that I wont even see.. Now I wont be without them. Make a huge difference and give the old VRs a new car feel with tightness on the road. Same with engine mounts, vibratech ones compared to standard is just ridiculous.. but all worth it for a keeper car..
  9. Didnt think vr6 and gti mk3 arms were different? Both are 5stud..
  10. Will fit 4 cylinder VAG not 6 cylinder.
  11. Ive had mine years.. got red, yellow and blue.. all go flat. Usually leave them hooked up as auxilary power in boot of car for a few days and they take a charge and come back to life.
  12. Grooved discs are always noisey.. Mine make a hell of a racket.
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