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  1. Yep still for sale sorry everyone been away and then couldn't log on for some reason. I have pics Aswell now.
  2. I'm sure it is but will try and confirm over the weekend for you and try getting picture
  3. Hi I've got a mk3 vr6 highline front grill with vr6 rectangle highline badge, the grill has quite a few stone chips on it. Can send pictures on request via email or WhatsApp. Looking for about £20 but open to sensible offers.
  4. Hi I've got a pair of standard rear lights for mk3 vr6 highline. Both in good condition no damage. £30 for the pair.
  5. Hi I have a pair of mk3 highline headlights for sale. Can send pictures on request if needed. No cracks or damage. £30 for the pair.
  6. Hi I've got my old set of highline 6 spoke alloys with tyres the tyres have all got good tread on them and the alloys to be honest have got a fair bit of bubbling on them so will need a refurb. Apologies I don't have any pictures as they are not at my home and not sure when I will get round to taking pictures but if interested let me know and I can send pictures to you through WhatsApp or email. I am open to sensible offers.
  7. Hmmmmm nope I havent and cars in the garage anyways so will have a look maybe tomorrow hopefully thanks for that
  8. Hi just wondering if anyone has any idea of best place to get downpipes and maybe decats from aswell for 03 reg 4motion
  9. Hi mate I got a 03 4mo and its showing very similar symptoms ive got suspicion on my cat being blocked so am looking to decat it and hoping will cure it because ive given full service and Changed all coils and plugs and checked air flow sensor aswell only thing left is cat funny thing is had same issue on my mk3 highline lol Hope it helps and if you find a cure let us know plz
  10. Hello is this still up for grabs if so how much? Also will this work with my 4mo standard gamma head unit Thanks
  11. what if i change the gearbox oil would that help as it doesnt always happen and the past few days i been driving it kinda hard and it hasnt crunched (touch wood) lol. also any idea who has a second hand box???
  12. i have same problem only crunch in second gear, also which short shifter did you put in
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