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  1. has it stands now waiting for new engine [emoji22][emoji22]
  2. knock sensor part numbers

    thanks mate
  3. hi guys . am replacing my seized VR6 engine and thought I may replaced home sensors on the new one can anyone give me the part numbers please for the front and rear knock sensors thanks Lee
  4. Vr6 N/A stage 2 mods?

    have you done the usually air filter, cams,upgrade tappets, exhaust, 6 branch manifold .I would get all mods done before the remap. will work better with the remap
  5. VR6 lower timing case seal

    thanks mate ,your a star
  6. hi guys does anyone know the part number or where I can buy one please regards lee
  7. Euro Stance Concept Event

    nice vid
  8. 2.8 vr6 engine

    hi does anyone have a good one sat in there garage for sale .mine has seized and u need a replacement please get in touch regards lee
  9. Post the last photo of your car!

    big end bearing went bang new set order. all pistons and conrods look ok .brought a set of kings racing bearings [emoji16]
  10. VR6 OEM+

    love motor mate .was my 1st ever colour on my mk3 GTI I owned when I was in the military [emoji16][emoji16]
  11. dannivr6

    Cheers dude
  12. dannivr6

    Yes bro spent a fortune like a go-kart I love it [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji23]
  13. dannivr6

    cheers dude .sweat and blood lol
  14. Post the last photo of your car!

    last photo getting towed of nurburgring
  15. dannivr6

    very nice bro