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  1. hi guys does anyone have one there want to sell me .must be in good condition thanks lee
  2. cant wait to hear the bitch roar again cant wait to hear the bitch roar again
  3. well after 4 months am finally fitting my new engine
  4. has it stands now waiting for new engine [emoji22][emoji22]
  5. hi guys . am replacing my seized VR6 engine and thought I may replaced home sensors on the new one can anyone give me the part numbers please for the front and rear knock sensors thanks Lee
  6. have you done the usually air filter, cams,upgrade tappets, exhaust, 6 branch manifold .I would get all mods done before the remap. will work better with the remap
  7. hi guys does anyone know the part number or where I can buy one please regards lee
  8. hi does anyone have a good one sat in there garage for sale .mine has seized and u need a replacement please get in touch regards lee
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