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  1. VR6BOY

  2. 24vT mk3

    Well Gethin long time no speak still chipping away at the mk3 i see
  3. 312s just checking

    Thats it I used a small stainless washer behind the bolt when installing my 312's on my Vento you dont need to but I did You will need to use the Banjo bolt from the calipers you are fitting there is a different pitch on the threads between Mk3 and Mk4 based cars
  4. People either like it or hate it I personally think the blue is too dark on the Harlequins but each to there own It doesnt bother me too much as I can change the colours in a couple of hours but I think it looks well
  5. R.I.P Ceppy....

    Sorry for you matey Now is the time to pick up a nice Mulberry Highlinr (IMHO) Battery polarity can swap normally when they are flat but can happen if the battery is bad Best of luck with the new purchase :thumbsup:
  6. Not too great when it comes to updating my threads And the main pic but let me tell you one thing Jap heads dont know WTF ?
  7. My B3 estate Edition One Not quite a VR6 yet but ................ Got this plate for her (I need to get the passat tax and tested then the plate will be trasnfered over) And have this engine almost ready for fitting Sorry couldnt just put one pic up
  8. My version of a Harlequin
  9. LOL I like that "I'm being overtaken by a green car, no a red car, no an orange car..."
  10. This Goventa will be getting some paint this weekend rear 1/4s and grill going baby blue, rear bumper rear doors and bonnet going ginster yellow, bootlid and front wings going pistachio green. Just leaves the front bumper and boot spoiler to be done in red I will fit the US spec rear plate tub then with the new plate Also going to get the windows tinted a nice light tint on the side and rear windows i think its a 25% tinting so pics will be posted when done
  11. Havent really done much with the GoVenta over the last few weeks except drive it Just need to get a plate to fit the US rear tub and its something else done I got a rear number plate sorted out for it (it was a tight fit while keeping the digits the legal size and spacing and IRL euro sign) Keeping it legal as possible I will be getting a few bits and pieces painted over the next week or so so it should really start to reassemble a Harley then
  12. pic of the stock GLX

    Tidy car, Black badges on the bootlid look smooth