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  1. Vr6 clutch master slave cylinder

    Yeah, should have pressure there, you have to push it in quite hard to compress it while trying to get the two bolts in place
  2. I'd look for someone breaking a VR6 and try to acquire all the looms, they just plug in each end. Might also be worth changing the fusebox if the meltingness has made it back to there. Its a do-able job with some patience. I suspect its the sort of job VW wouldn't want and would change a shitload of labour costs.
  3. Corrado VR6 Storm Turbo

    Any info about the car or is it just the list of parts?
  4. Looking to see whats about, i may require a new bottom end, not to bother if its AAA or ABV, as long as its usable condition
  5. VR6 Crank Shaft

    Just starting my search as i may need one (depending on result of my engine being stripped down) Anyone have one?
  6. ebay manifolds

    Can't remember the price, but every Black Friday they have a 20% sale so i buy bits during that.
  7. ebay manifolds

    I nearly got one, but ended up getting a Techtonics downpipe, its a sightly larger bore. Have to wait for it from the US though
  8. Jimjon

  9. Logo's

    How about have 15 degrees between the pistons instead of 45?
  10. You can buy tools so you can take the wires with the terminal pins out of the plastic connector and push them into another, saves chopping wires.
  11. They say it does, but its nothing major, i think if you combine a few of the simple mods like exhaust, air filter etc you probably gain a little bit of power. BMC is worthwhile if you are after a sound difference, you will notice the first time you put your foot down, and then after that you will constantly be doing it
  12. Do you have the standard airbox and filter? Something like a BMC cda really changes the sound.
  13. Underseal Removal

    i found scrapping it off with a sharp chisel the best and least messiest method.
  14. It is oil temp or water? I've had oil temp shooting up and down and it was the wire that leads to the sensor on top on the oil filter housing, where it joins the sensor it corrodes away, had it on two VR engines now.
  15. Interesting, i have an auto one and a manual and couldn't spot the difference, Going to check which one i fitted now.