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  1. Hi, Looking to sell "as is" my VR6 which I've owned since 98. Reason for sale is that Halfords burnt out some of the dashboard wiring when they tried to fit a new radio and as part of their settlement offer, I keep the car. The car is in SW London and currently not drivable as the dashboard was removed by a VW main dealer to diagnose the damage. It passed it's MOT (to Aug 2018) the shortly before the dash was removed and I was driving it up-to the dashboard removal Attached is a summary of the life of my VR6 and a couple of photos. Welcome offe
  2. Hello Sam, Thanks for your reply. Let's continue this via email wil@thesuthers.com
  3. Thanks Nero Mk 2, Halfords came back to me after sending the Service History and invoices saying the work I've had done is as they expected, for a car of that age (R plate) and as there has not been any work to "improve' the car their offer stays the same! They also included only part of my hire car costs (which they agreed to pay in full). As a result I wrote to their CEO early last week and this has now been passed to their legal department, who I've yet to hear from. Welcome any ideas on how to progress this? Thanks
  4. Hi Carterleeds, Thanks for your posts which are useful. Things have moved since my above post and below is a summary of where I am: Halfords have appointed independent assessors who have confirmed: The damage to the car was a result of the incorrect fitting of the radio (completed by Halfords) The car is in "very good condition" with no visible corrosion Glasses Guide is not a reliable guide to the value of the car That if I want a higher settlement figure I need to provide documentary evidence of service history etc A settlement figure ba
  5. Hello, Is a dashboard wiring loom for a MK3 Golf 8 a compatible fit into a MK3 Golf VR6? R
  6. Thanks fo your comments. No disclaimer signed and have had a first proposal to settle from Halfords which is woeful.
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a lawyer, as I may need some legal advice, for my claim against Halfords. In short while Halfords were fitting a new radio, they burnt out the live feed to the fuse box, which melted a host of wires behind the dashboard. Due to the age of the car (not condition!), it is uneconomical to repair, hence my claim. I'm using Citizens Advice and Which legal services, but a lawyer with dispute resolution experience may we'll be needed. Thanks R
  8. Toddy - Halfords have sent an independent assessor to prepare a report on the car and I've yet to hear the outcome of this. R
  9. Thanks for all your comments. Starting the claim with Halfords, so will keep you posted. R
  10. Thanks for comments so far. I've DM's James E Looms, so will www what they have to say. Anyone now any breakers yards who deal with VW's/VR6?
  11. Mk3 Golf VR6 Hello, Halfords recently fitted a new radio, managed to burn out the live feed to the radio and melt/burn a large of wires behind the dashboard. I've had a Main VW dealer inspect it, who advise it is uneconomical to repair due to the extensive damage and that as VW no longer make spares for the VR6, the repair would be a very long process to check the damage to the bits and bobs attached to the ,melted wires. Now waiting for Halfords to come back to me with their proposals. A couple of questions: Anyone had a similar experience and
  12. Hi, R Plate VR6 Highline I replaced my radio/cd player with another Sony model and for a while have v poor radio reception on the stations I can get, which is very few. The only I have done with the aerial is stick the broken rubber bee sting washer (between aerial and roof) with some black mastic. Appreciate tips and comments to get the radio properly tuned. Thanks R
  13. Hello, I need to replace my subframe on my R Plate VR6 Highline and have bought a Mk 3 golf subframe, which I'm told will fit as they are all the same. Is this correct? Thanks R
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