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  1. This doesn't look like it is happening - not in September anyway
  2. Oh yeah I've still got that one...it's just broke
  3. Which one? I sold one corrado, kept the other. Although it's broken at the moment (since December) ? I only said about the mk2oc as most run 20vt and it'd be nice to urinate on their parade!
  4. Numbers are looking a bit thin on the ground. Has this been put on the Facebook page? Maybe open it up to mk2 owners club etc?
  5. As long as mine is back on the road I'd be interested - it's been off the road since December
  6. Map 1 is 330bhp map 2 is 390bhp map 3 is 530 bhp
  7. Head, timing chain and clutch overhaul was carried out on the 30th September 2008 @ 136,446 miles. The car has now done 176,703 miles.
  8. The MOT has expired but it is booked in for one. I will email photos of the rust patches and send across information on the engine etc. when I dig out the folder.
  9. Apologies for the delay in replying, I didn't receive a notification. With regards to the driveshafts, they haven't been uprated. The turbo was bought brand new from a Schimmel Performance and it has also only done 10k miles. The car also has a boost gauge and also an A/F gauge. If you are interested in the car and would like more photos please PM your email address and I'll send them via that. I seem to have trouble uploading on here. Thanks Scott
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