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  1. Hi Jordan, I have a 3dr Manual Mulberry Highline for sale soon. PM me for more pics/info. Thanks
  2. That’s why I asked for your number mate so it’s easier to communicate. I have a 3dr Vrt for sale yes
  3. Umar send me your contact number via DM please
  4. Hi Ankit, 3Dr Dragon Green Vr 3Dr Black VrT Both for sale, drop me your number and I’ll forward you photos and details.
  5. Hi Lukey, I was googling VR6 alternator upgrades and saw a VR6OC thread... although photo bucket don't show the images which had the part number so I was wondering if you could help me out! cheers


  6. Hello mate, what brake setup are you running? can you post some more information etc and price and location? I'm interested
  7. no longer needed! managed to source one!
  8. Unfortunately not mate sorry
  9. My good friend owned it, has it still got the recaros?
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