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  1. VR6 Wanted!!

    Iv got a supercharged vr6 in a 3 door mk2 gti, it's been sat for a while without a clutch slave cylinder and faulty crank shaft sensor had clutch flywheel & alternator changed & referb few months ago but iv no license n can't ever get it insured n been thinking about letting it go, based in Blackburn, lancashire
  2. Where abouts is this beauty of a build being built
  3. Oh no most definitely not, my bad Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using The VR6 Owners Club mobile app
  4. Man's got this far mostly on his own, have a little faith, he's ticking away in sync Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using The VR6 Owners Club mobile app
  5. Mk2 golf gti obd port location?

    Will.try n have another look when get round to it Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using The VR6 Owners Club mobile app
  6. Mk2 golf gti obd port location?

    Looking like there isn't a port on the loom not that iv seen so far, it shouldn't be too much of a problem for a proper auto-elec? Right? Seem to be getting passed off by local garages
  7. Mk2 golf gti obd port location?

    So it's somewhere on the loom but that's if it's there, great get looking , thanks
  8. Where is it located
  9. Vr6 swap wanted

    I think it's both, the x member is across the front end of the engine and the subfame is towards the back end of it, because the rear two mounts are fastened on to the frame which is fastened to the chassis
  10. Vr6 swap wanted

    It's not an issue, the mk3 subfame has the engine mount locations on it so ready all you need is the subfame fastened onto the mk2 chassis and the rest basically assembles straight to it
  11. Vr6 swap wanted

    There's the parts list and pic of conversation, looking for the pics I'd taken at the time of building but not found them just yet, will get em to you if or when.i do find em, yeah the parts are relatively interchangeable, but most of my enforcement support fabrications were done just to be on the safe side since it's supercharged & didn't wana run any risks of warping the chassis
  12. Vr6 swap wanted

    Anchor points, where subfame fasteners go through, we just welded in steel plates with threaded holes for the bolts, also would highly recommend to strut brace the top of the suspension mounts front and back, and if you're driving hard then stiffer sway bars but standard mk3 ones are good enough for street n fast rd speeds, last thing you want is to twist the mk2 chassis with the vr6 so I was told
  13. Vr6 swap wanted

    Easiest way would be to get a mk3 subfame, with all the mounts and it should slot right in, maybe few cut & shuts inside the engine bay, as for mk2 shell would be best to reinforce n sort out before transplant, I've done the same conversion myself but tore the engine off the frame since it's supercharged & want properly reinforced to the chassis, had to rebuild anchor points, will tryn get you some pics tomorrow at some point, and the parts paperwork listed, best of luck with your project
  14. Got vr6 fever

    Even after working 9-5 & sleepless night I find myself being comforted by conflicts of interest, managed to get it right until brothers hand came along, not that I don't appreciate his time and effort knowing my situations. His hands just arnt good for me Got the alternator in fine but the supercharger has tilted somewhat and the whole engine has moved over to the frame n is concerningly wrong
  15. Charged vr6 clutch

    Vortech It was a trapped cable & faulty alternator