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  1. Not sure if this is the right forum for this question.. However, I am going to perform a resonator-delete on my -03 v6 4motion and I am wondering... what is the stock size of the pipe? If anyone knows this I would be happy, I don't have my car available before the weekend so I can't crawl under there and measure it myself and I woúld need to buy the piping before I go home to my car again! Would be happy to get the info in MM since I am from europe haha. Thank you very much.
  2. You mean this one? I've thought about removing that one actually, easy project at least. Will it make a huge difference?
  3. Thanks alot for the tip, I will be getting it soon! However, are you sure it fits my car? The V6 4motion never seems to be included in the list of cars it fit...
  4. Sorry IF I am oosting in the wrong section. I have a golf IV 4motion and I am looking to get some more thunder in the noise area. I am thinking about removing and adding a straight pipe or changing the muffler all together. Which of the two mufflers should I remove to get a louder but yet good sounding roar?
  5. Everything is standard. I have just had the car for three weeks so I am kind of a newcomer to the vr6 world. I haven't even thought of how different airboxes would change the sound, I have had my mind on the exhaust system but I shall absolutely check it out. Does the BMC CDA change the performance of the car aswell?
  6. I have a Golf IV 4-motion with a vr6 engine. I totally dig the sound, but I feel it lacks a bit of roar... I want it to sound justa bit more. More roar with a lower undertone. Since I don't have any experience with changing mufflers I was wondering if anyone has recommendations on how to make it just a bit louder. I don't want the straight pipe sound.. just a bit more than the original. What changes can I make to the exhaust system? I am a bit of a newcomer so don't kill me
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