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  2. ha just looked at that cheers calico very nice
  3. lol cheers for that. should have said looking for 400-500 bhp
  4. cheers guys yes it goes very well. very exited about starting the vr6 now
  5. as the title sugests whats the best money can buy for the vr6
  6. well im back here after quite a while. i should be getting a mint black highline soon after (dont laugh) going to a 106 gti and a very expensive love affair with a rs turbo anyway the turbo is soon to be sold and will be put into turboing the vr6. would be rude not to tell u about the rs it started as a standard rs with the gayest badboy bonet so binned that and took it to a m8s workshop and resprayed it windows out to sort the rust under the window rubbers new rims. then decided to get a 2.0l zetec engine, t34 turbo, intercooler, focus rs gearbox with atb diff, forged pistons and h section s
  7. venoms lol saw a 17yr old in a blue mk3 fiesta with viper stripes, m3 mirrors tinted silver windows lexus lights and yes venoms lol ahhhhh damm i had a laugh
  8. its a s2 98 gti cherry red its got an airfilter exhaust, cams, re-map and its been lowered. its got rust on both front wings...have replacements waiting to go on
  9. lol they do look very nice..........but shortly ill have the cash but im going for the rotrex
  10. well after nearly selling the golf i couldnt go through with it, the guy turrned up and took it for a drive up the road and it sounded lush so i still got her. picked up a cammed and chipped 106 gti with 60k on the clock yesterday for a bargain price of 350 because the headgasket had gone so put her in the garage and did the head gasket, had the head skimmed this morning hey presto 1 running car. goes like stink fair play anyways gna sell her for a grand now on ebay then ill be looking out for a rotrex lol. anyone interested in the pug ? (151 bhp)
  11. 178,000 on mine but replaced the engine at 170,000 and the new engine has done 100k with the chains and clutch replaced at the same time although as said by someone else the body is showing it age
  12. if money wasnt a problem id defo have a pagani zonda f or a tvr sagaris
  13. ye ive got them all round and the noise has definetly got louder with more vibrations
  14. also what width are the tyres as ive had audi alloy srhat cane with 215 40 17s and replaced them with 205 40s with a 40mm drop and got fed up with the ride so gone back to 15s and now droped 80mm bit low as ive just cracked my 3rd splitter so gna go back to a 60mm drop
  15. ah i feel ur pain nat as i had my amp sub and stereo stole last week
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