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  1. yeh i'll have pics very soon, probz post them early next week.
  2. yeh i'll have pics very soon, probz post them early next week.
  3. Ive had my VR since july 08 and i love the standard look (indian metallic red) , but i've just got my tt comps, suspension kit, tyres and a few other bits im gona fit on friday, so look out for the pics!
  4. I got my VR looked at last week by a freind who works for audi on the VAS computer because my my ABS light is on, the fault code 01276 came up, he suggested that i could change the whole pump assembly or the module (ECU part) of the pump, has anyone done this before?
  5. i see wat u meen, probably was a shagged engine in the m3 or he was a pants driver.
  6. Trust me im sure it was anE36 M3, It was a very close little rip thats the only car that has gave me a good run for my money, If it was an E46 i would have been finished !
  7. Just got home after totaly ripping apart an M reg BMW M3, on pull away he had the egde but once i got into second my VR jus kept pulling away from him. Dont get me wrong the BMW was quick and it was a real M3 coz i asked him when we pulled up at the lights. So yeah im well chuffed about that.
  8. nice one mate i think i'll stick to the 205/40/17's.
  9. Wasup peeps, has anyone fitted 215/40/17 tyres on their VR6, i was thinking of putting those on mine, i just wanted to know if they rubbed on anything?
  10. im thinking of putting a koni STR-T kit on my VR, i was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback if you have the same kit?
  11. cheers, could i get away with just doing the guide rail and tensioner bolt for the time being?
  12. I was thinking of inspecting my timing chain and upper guide rails due to a rattle i have at about 1500 rpm in that area, i was wondering can you replace the upper guide that is just below the exhaust camshaft pulley without taking off the lower chain cover?
  13. wasup peeps, ive got a P reg VR6 and i was wondering do all VRs have immobilisers and total closure from factory?
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