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  2. Im getting a really loud kinda boing noise coming from the n/s rear suspension? It kinda feels like as the suspension is cushioning the bumps on the ride thats when it makes the noise over every bump as you drive. Do you think this could be the top mount or something else?
  3. Well im with adrian flux currently i got a quote on 2 or 3 different cars and they said due to it being a cat c then i would need to cancel my current policy and start a new one with a different underwriter. They also said the price would be double as it is a cat c.
  4. No reply? is this easy? i understand you top it up from the side is that under the lever or underneath the car?
  5. So where do i top up the oil? And will this help the light crunching going into gear?
  6. Ive had my vr6 for a year and a half and this time i have not changed or topped up my gearbox oil. So is this a regular thing to do on these cars? If so which oil is best and where do you top it up/drain it? Also my gearbox is a bit tight when engaging some gears would some oil sort this problem?
  7. No i havent mate, this was only a cheap set from ebay so that wouldnt suprise me.
  8. I have some in pro headlights with a hid kit and more often than not the passenger side doesn't fire up. Sometimes it takes a few attempts to finally get it to come on and other times it doesn't come on at all even after about ten attempts? Any ideas people?
  9. Im finding it a bit harsh changing whilst cold too. Not that bad that i cannot engage any gears though.
  10. Hows that? If its not close enough i will take another tomorrow during the day for you.
  11. lol, thanks will give a go tommorow.
  12. So its a case of opening them up to look then.
  13. So which is it? One says its easy and the other says it isnt? Can it be that difficult to take the glass off to see?
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