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  1. Hmmm ok, though it is strange you are losing coolant, how much are you losing as you may have a leak elsewhere?
  2. I would almost guarantee it is, its all the same system so if you are losing coolant then its most definately going on your floor!! i have had the same problem and i still have it bypassed and its fine now, bit chilly in the winter tho!
  3. Your heater matrix is behind the passenger side of your dash kinda above where your feet would be and supplies the heating for your car, its possible that has sprung a leak hence you carpets being soaked. A fix for now would be to lift your bonnet and look for the two pipes going into the bulkhead, disconnect them and join together with a 90 degree pipe join if that makes sense! this will stop the flooding into your car and will give you some time to have the matrix replaced, there are guides on here for replacing it if you feel like doing it yourself, just look through the forums and you sho
  4. Hi guys, first of all i would like to thank all those who helped with my constant moaning and bitching about my car not working, you will be glad to hear the vr is running like a dream and possibly better than before and after changing everything (leads, plugs, dizzy cap, rotor arm etc..) it turns out it was a duff coil specced for a polo !?!!.... need i say more lol These cars surely are black holes for your wallet but i love it so who cares! Now i have a "chipped" ecu for my car but upon plugging it in the car just turns and doesnt start, i have a clifford alarm/immobiliser that i dont have
  5. Hi guys, i suspect that my coil has gone on my vr (92 obd1 dizzy model) and upon removing the existing coil ive found 'polo' written on the side (second hand part i presume) i would just like to check the part number i should have to replace it if anyone knows... the coil i have says : Intermotor 12916.... is this right??? Cheers
  6. Aaah yea that exra connector is for my speed sensor on the gearbox, it had snapped off and at a glance just looked like a bolt, so now i need to find 1 of those lol
  7. Hi guys, ive just got a chipped ecu for my car, my car is an obd1 dizzy model and the ecu i have came from a similar car, is it just as easy as unplugging the old ecu and plug in the new 1 or does something need fiddling with to make it work (think i read somewhere about re-coding?) and would the original ecu be fine as a backup incase it didnt work?
  8. cool, tho i must point out that im lookin at doin this as i have a crack in my present manifold and im thinkin ahead so im not entirely fussed about big gains right now although i am gonna stay n/a as a challenge and see how much i can squeeze out of the lump....
  9. thats a very valid point, cant really see anywhere where it says anythin about import tax tho.... might go for the 1 you suggested to save faffing around, what gains do you think i would realisticly see?
  10. yea i saw that 1, would prob swing for that but the 1 ive seen is 190 dollars to my door, not sure on the exchange rate tho... works out about 130quid..... not bad really
  11. cool, i'll take ur word for that, could you reccomend a manifold? im pretty much standard bar a chip and ported inlet manifold....
  12. ok, how comes? i mean i know its cheap so i wouldnt expect it to be pure quality...
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/AMK-92-98-99-04-VW-GOLF-GTI-JETTA-VR6-2-8L-STEEL-HEADER_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3286Q2em63Q2el1177QQhashZitem260396679641QQitemZ260396679641QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories just wondering if its worth me buyin this, has anyone ever bought one, are they any good??
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