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  1. I was just thinking that perhaps if it's only stage 1, may not want the gap quite as small as something running bigger boost. Not measured them yet, or fitted them, as I wanted to check first before playing around with them too much.
  2. Just searching through various forums trying to work out correct gapping measurement for my VR, but I am finding conflicting info! Got a stage 1 supercharger and just bought some NGK BKR7E plugs. I know Craggsy says above that he gapped his to 0.24 - was this using imperial units (so therefore 0.61mm in metric units)? Also, what stage charger was this on and does it make a difference to the recommended gap measurement? Help please!!
  3. Better to spend a bit more on one you love, than a bit less on one that you think is mediocre. Looks like a nice motor mate....and in the best colour too
  4. Blimey, i know i've not seen you for a while, but didn't expect this!! I thought you were all work and no play these days?! Looks luuurvely mate.
  5. Not bought one yet. Spent most of Friday travelling to see what i was assured was a legit bargain (think he thought that if we travelled that far, we would be committed to going through with the purchase), but it turned out to be a complete dog! Still on the lookout, but we are 99% decided on a 1.6 Focus TD.
  6. I think we are decided on the mkII Ford Focus 1.6 tdci. Decent boot space and up to 70mpg on a long run! £95 tax as well. Can pick up an 05 or 06 plate one for under £3k.
  7. There are a couple: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/search/used/cars/bmw/postcode/nr65bp/radius/40/fuel-type/diesel/price-from/1000/sort/priceasc/price-to/3000
  8. lol We have decided we may consider an estate now. But parking sensors would definitely be a helpful thing to have! There is a nice BMW 320d SE Touring i have seen. Got lots of gadgets, including the parking sensors Also seen an Octavia, which would possibly be a better option, particularly in terms of running costs.
  9. Don't think i would trust her reversing one of them
  10. Thanks for your input guys Rod, I had thought about a Skoda and found a decent looking Fabia on Autotrader. Doesn't look great and interior is very basic, to say the least! But.....like you said, it's a VAG engine, just with that name on the badge, which feels a bit dirty to say! Just realised, the Bora / Passat is a saloon, isn't it? So won't be any good for our dog, unfortunately.
  11. Cheers Jake! Is that 55mpg combined (urban and long distance), or is that just on a long distance drive? I quite like the look of the Bora's. It's funny, Mondeo's have always had positive reviews on Top Gear etc, but the more i mention it to the general public, I seem to hear a fair bit of negative feedback.
  12. Hi guys, me and the missus are looking for a (*yawn) family car, now that we have a little nipper on the scene. Looking for some suggestions and advice on what to go for. Criteria is that it must be a 5dr hatchback, but nothing too small, as we need to be able to fit buggy and dog in the boot. MUST be economical (looking for combined 50mpg, preferably), as once my gf finishes her maternity leave, she'll be back to her job which involves driving to various places around the county. No older than 10yrs and price range between £1k - £3k. The main cars we are considering at the moment are Ford F
  13. The Bosch one, you mean? Prob gonna need one myself.
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