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  1. how can i adjust idle rpm in a 1992 Vr6 (OBD1)
  2. i am running on 15" 205/50 Federal SSS35 stock suspension, i am noticing oversteer on fast turns, and i struggle to accelerate fast without wheelspin( will happen unless i accelerate under 1500-2000rpm) my car is a stock 1992 obd1 vr6. any suggestings concerning how to fix oversteer or a solid standing stil acceleration are very much appreciated
  3. i unplugged my isv then plugged it back again and now my car will start but the rpms will drop very fast and stall, the only way to keep it on is to keep mashing the throttle. How do i fix this ?
  4. my car is experiencing several problems : -Erratic idle (between 200-700 rpm) - lound bangs from the engine bay (from the upper left left, somewhere near the throttle body) - excessive fuel consumption - Strong fuel smells i know it's NOT the MAF, O2 sensor or the distributor. my car is 1992 golf vr6 any feedback would be helpful, Thx
  5. yes that's what am getting i would also like to add that i hear a lot of little explosions from the engine bay and from the exhaust lol
  6. i am facing 3 major problems : unsteady RPM in idle fuel smell scary fuel consumption scanners have shown that i need to change my oxygen sensor can anyone tell me what is causing those problems ? thx
  7. is it possible that my car be leaking Rain water from somewhere other than the sunroof?
  8. scans are showing that my oxygen sensor needs replacing. is it worth it ? how will that affect the performance of the car? thanks
  9. i just changed my rear suspension the car looks a bit high, the car had cut coil springs in the rear and the front ones were still intact which made the car's rear low and front high i fixed that but now it seems a bit high please tell me if it needs lowering from the rear. ( the car's handling is pretty good Before: After
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