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  1. Getting around to the refit, GOLF MKIII, 1992 AAA engine The cable coming from the rack area (dvrs side) back of the engine has a termination with BOSCH part no:021905377 and 0261231047. It looks very much like an earth but it is insulated and approx 12mm dia fixing thro termination. If anyone can let me know where this is fitted (wished I'd taken photos before removal)! *-) See photo's Best wishes to all, thanks for looking and if anyone has a piccy please post or pm, cheers
  2. can ne1 help? looking for a wiring diagram for the 1992 golf engine loom obd1 (with dizzy)? got the bentley but it's not covered. Has anyone got an ecopy they can forward or post a link to? thanks to all who look regards jupiter2
  3. Hi Guys,Girls & Guru's, http://dinitrol.com/index.php?id=52&subcatid=10&L=1 Has anyone heard of or used this product? It's a German Manu of body sealing products for anyone who hasn't seen it before. I'm planning to underseal and protect the body shell so would appreciate any advice on this or any other product that is appropriate. Thanks to those that can find time to respond
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