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  2. I have a pair of doors from a 3 door mk3 vr6 Golf 1994. OBD1 No door cards or wing mirrors Alll the window motors and mechs are present smoothed door handles. Windsor Blue £50 each Located in Rugeley Staffordshire mikevr@hotmail.co.uk for further info
  3. bump still have this
  4. I wouldnt mind coming to an event this year, not sure if an Audi TT would be welcome on the stand. Do you guys still do camping weekends?
  5. awesome pics dude, what camera are you using?
  6. Looks very tidy mate, I had one of these for 4 years, I saw one 2 days ago, I do miss it nice work on the interior and the engine
  7. Gear box counter weight off a 1997 VR6 Highline obd 2 ideal for polishing or chroming. This is one that came off when i replaced it with a chrome one 1HO 711 188 A Price £15 plus postage or collect
  8. sweet, I want one torque steer would be immense
  9. thanks' date=' nope mate id already decided . i think TVR flip paint is a bit old school now anyways. this i did like tho!! [img']http://images61.fotki.com/v777/photos/2/1167432/10462566/DSCF4080-vi.jpg
  10. Haha you know me too well Helen ;0 i didnt know you were at the show! dont have your number anymore , i think i did look cuss texted a few people :-( Thanks for all the possitive comments guys, so suprising how a v6 engine can put a smile on your face.
  11. Some pics i took Full album http://public.fotki.com/mikevr/2012/ cheers
  12. Well im selling the GT tdi after nearly two years of fairly boring but reliable driving. Decided i wanted a V6 and was planning on gettin an R32 for along time but had a change of heart recently..pretty sure its the same engine as the R32? except the audi has 250bhp?? Most of the ones i looked at were semi auto DSG flappy paddle ones but i fancied a manual, they didnt make many...and seemed to be more expensive, this one was on 54k and had a lady owner who didnt drive it much.Colour is glacier blue, it looks silver/grey in some lights... wasnt sure about it at first but really like it now. Ha
  13. no idea im gessin something like 800!! which is more than i paid for my r32 interior, go figure
  14. behold RS4 steering wheel in a mk3 r32 seats too, guy has taste
  15. i was told they fit pretty much straight on its just the air bag needs re-wiring as the conectors are different 3.5 steering wheel has same conectors but very rare
  16. ant where else you could store it for now? seems a shame but selling might be a good decision... have the mk2 as your toy and get a boring daily when time comes
  17. hi mate, wheels and suspension are the best places to start, and a decent induction kit, k&n or bmc are popular... powerflow have a reputation for building noisy exhausts that arent always very powerfull... whats yours like?
  18. i think these are the guys i used, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ALLOY-WHEEL-COURIER-ALL-VOLKSWAGEN-CARS-16-/280522343828?pt=UK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Rims_Car_Wheels_ET&hash=item41506f4594 29.99 not sure about 5 wheels tho... make sure you wrap/box them well
  19. nice , i baught a 130 tdi mk4 recently, they do shift... got 510 out of my last tank... i may be strange but i prefer the original wheels?
  20. that mk3 is not a turbo ! and certainly doesnt look remotley ratty :-# *-) as above John's VR's build thread is on here too and its a fing lovely car and surely every vr looks like a 1.4 with bigger wheels and a VR6 badge !! i had a 1.4 running 17's lowered etc that looked like it would shift, feckin slow as hell tho... iv seen vr6 badges on cars that blatently arent vr6's before so alot of ppl wouldnt even believe johns is one, until it was flying past... what i meant was from the back / or to look at bumpers etc you would never think its a vr... and it has the styling down played like a
  21. oh yeah because everytime I see an aftermarket bumper on a car ( that only brand nerds would realise) I assume it has 650bhp + under the bonnet :^) :-| dude whats with the atitude? not just the bumper tho the wheels and stance of it... doesnt look like it has 650bhp no...but it looks like it would shift... this is that mk3 i was on about: http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=309558&st=200 just looke like a 1.4 with bigger wheels...and a vr6 badge lol
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