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  1. Hi bud send me a pm with your number cheers
  2. Yes mate I am sure I have 1 just got to find it
  3. I have 2 other blocks so will be up my unit of only Monday I'm 99 / sure I have the full metal 1 up there
  4. That's 1 I got mate
  5. I got a few vr6 blocks mate I'll have a look tomorrow mate we're u based
  6. Quick update I changed the sensor on the fuel meatering unit and is running spot on also fitted new door locks and handles
  7. No worries mate tbh I'll probly mot and put it up for more but it's time and money
  8. As is I'll let it go for 1700 mate
  9. Selling my mk2 big bumper gti project was originally a 1.8 8v now has a 2.0 9a out of a corrado recently had the n/s of car painted as the door was different colour ap coilovers genuine rota grid wheels drilled and groved front disk n pads corrado servo and master clynder 4 branch manifold straight through with tips but not loud sounds good tips are just tacked on needs down sizes for them . New water pump themostat and hrater matrix Have another genuine front bumper with fog light deletes needs painting very good paint work for the year it's not a show car but a very respectable I'll up load some pics from when I first brought it to now as like everything you never apricate how far it has come like normal roof lining is sagging haven't got round to it I have a spere 9 a loom another set of clocks I changed the whole intior as the lad who had it before me was a bodge artist new window linkage ect needs electronic fpr on the side of fuel metering head but will start and run and drive mot ran out last month but I am going to take for mot as I am very confident that it will pass I have just changed the engine loom as had a break in a wire also have the original engine that needs head gasket doing as the lad I brought It off had used headgasket sealer in it needs some love here and there but you need to see it in person to appreciate it also have a brand new set of locks for it I will fit as well I'm only selling as need the money for my pistons for my vr6 turbo cheers based in Cambridge
  10. Hi bud where you based mate
  11. That's the same 1 I have and mines done the same when u call tps they say there discontinued but they supply a replacement for it at 179 plus vat but give them a call and see mate
  12. I'll have a look in the shed where you based bud