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  1. Hello mate I had a look and I have 1 but tube is damaged mate I've had a word about so I'll see what comes up buddy
  2. vr6_dazza


    After some 440cc for my vr6 turbo anyone ?
  3. I'm up the unit tomorrow mate and I'll let you no mate just message me and remind me mate
  4. Still got the turbo and exhaust
  5. vr6_dazza

    Vr6 turbo

    after a holset turbo with waste gate or anything like that going for 450bhp let me no cheers
  6. Yes mate I am sure I have 1 just got to find it
  7. I have 2 other blocks so will be up my unit of only Monday I'm 99 / sure I have the full metal 1 up there
  8. I got a few vr6 blocks mate I'll have a look tomorrow mate we're u based
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