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  1. Oh it's bill Yh no idea mk4 ain't nank likes mk3 dash
  2. It's a emu standalone with Bluetooth module and 10" tablet [emoji4]
  3. Bit more done charge coolers in and exhaust built as far as axel [emoji4][emoji1303]
  4. Boost solenoid has arrived and now I can have some boost by gear action [emoji4][emoji4] Can't wait to get this ting finished [emoji1303]
  5. Got the egt and afr welding in and exhaust wrapped back up And the brakes are working a treat now
  6. Pedal from a mk4 dbw all fitted today after making a bracket And got the new bias and lines plumbed in [emoji4]
  7. Got the switches installed in the dash And used some flock to make them look nice [emoji23] Soon as I get the leds I'll get them installed into the centre for indicators etc [emoji4]
  8. Heat shield I made for the new loom Just welded to bolts to the car so the heat shield is now removable
  9. Dash now running 10" tablet via Bluetooth module [emoji4]
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