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Thought it was about time that i started my build thread for this as I've had it a while now. This car used to be KEEN VR until it was taken apart and then sold. We won't go into that story anyway :)


This is what it used to look like




This is the picture i was sent when buying




This is when it arrived








I'm not putting the ones up of how the bay was when i got it as it will make me cry lol But i decided to sell lots of bits off it to regain some money





after i tripped the engine down, cleaned it all up and painted it




Carbon fuel cap for it






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modded the tank to remove the heater outlet. cut and welded it 90 degrees.




Engine back in :) with the modified bottle





The carbon roof fixed and relacqured







Coils on the rear. still coming down more and needs to settle but will be majorly tucking once adjusted




thats it for now :)

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