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  1. Old Skool Cool!!!!......

    Cheers Woody
  2. We purchased this car in December 2014 and it sat in a garage until early this year where it was prepped ready to show over in Belfast last week at Dubshed 16. The car itself is a basic model sporting a 1600cc powerhouse with 22k miles from new. It was in very good original condition but we decided to change a few parts!!! The previous keeper also a member on here brought the car back to life then looked after it until we got it. So here it is....... It came with a lot of history that I'll not bore you with!?! It was a real tidy original car so only needed a few tweaks.......... AP Coilovers...... Recaro Colour Concept seats....... BBS RS 001's....... So with all the bits n bobs purchased just had to set about them, I polished the wheels up and Del at Optimus trimmed the seats. We managed to source the original materials from Germany to match! BBS RS 001's..... Recaros....... Things were coming together so it was off to Gerry at Performancetec to fit suspension do alignment and fit the wheels...... Next it was time to remove the ghastly coach lines someone had fitted, unfortunately they were hiding a small area that had been painted on the rear door!!!! So that was the car all ready it just needed a final lick from Craig Steel at Anonymous detailing, here is how it looked finished!!!!..... So it was all ready for showing at Dubshed 16! We got a great spot on the GTINI stand right in front of the main stage........ It picked up a wee win too, BEST MK1/MK2......... So that's it done and dusted, back in the garage. Probably going to sell it on and let someone else enjoy it for what it is!
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    Hi rich
  4. Yup but I've no idea what to measure! Lol
  5. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    I taxed it, cleaned it then used it for work, over 300 miles, a tank and a half of super unleaded and TBH was smiling and singing to the radio all day long!!!! That's it just been jet washed down and locked away until Early Edition!
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    How'd you
  7. Forum Moderator Required

    Lol send me the "job description" and I'll digest it over a cuppa tea!!!
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    I have too many responsibilities in my life already, sorry man! Lol
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    Woo hoo "vice chair" please?! Lol
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    Well done guys, I'm gutted!
  11. thanks for having me

    Howdy do
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    Dam you're just too late, I got the job on the Mk2 forum! If only you'd replied on Facebook lol