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  1. We purchased this car in December 2014 and it sat in a garage until early this year where it was prepped ready to show over in Belfast last week at Dubshed 16. The car itself is a basic model sporting a 1600cc powerhouse with 22k miles from new. It was in very good original condition but we decided to change a few parts!!! The previous keeper also a member on here brought the car back to life then looked after it until we got it. So here it is....... It came with a lot of history that I'll not bore you with!?! It was a real tidy original car so only needed a few tweaks...
  2. Lol send me the "job description" and I'll digest it over a cuppa tea!!!
  3. I have too many responsibilities in my life already, sorry man! Lol
  4. Woo hoo "vice chair" please?! Lol
  5. Dam you're just too late, I got the job on the Mk2 forum! If only you'd replied on Facebook lol
  6. Cheers man, I'm afraid it's not for sale! I got in a panic as I needed my lock up for my 2016 showcar but fortunately my mate found out I was selling so is letting me store it in his Bodyshop! I would have been ill if it sold for the asking price
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