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  1. Powerflex bushes

    How much to post front subframe mount bush pff85-250 ?? Cheers
  2. Supercharged Mk3 Golf VR6

    fitted the tank and compressor on top of the floor for now. will eventually hide underneath with the manifold. 20161208_120436 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr got struts installed and lines run under car following fuel lines then across to passenger side 20161210_112726 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr 20161216_140223 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr With the 20mm spacers the tyres hit the arches so couldn't go all the way down 20161216_132720 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr then decided to have a play with some spacers, 15mm get me a little lower and less tyre arch contact 20161216_151805 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr 20161216_151812 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr 20161216_151819 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr also thought it'd be rude not to try the bbs wheels too 20161216_143047 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr 20161216_143056 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr now just to get my rusty wing sorted and remap in the new year.

    This looks kinda like mine
  4. Looks good this mate. Can I ask where have you run your air lines for the 4 corners?
  5. Massive bump but where did you run the air lines for each corner?cheers
  6. Supercharged Mk3 Golf VR6

    Upgraded the front speakers with a set of JL Audio components. No photos as they fit nicely behind the stock grills. But they sound amazing!
  7. Supercharged Mk3 Golf VR6

    More process on boot build 20160923_193634 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr Bit of CAD. Card aided design 20160918_124224 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr 20160918_130051 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr And into mdf 20160924_105459 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr 20160924_112127 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr 20160924_115446 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr Hole cut for sub. All in and working 20160924_123846 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr Will tidy wiring then move on to seat section.
  8. Supercharged Mk3 Golf VR6

    So I have decided to change up the golf a little over the next few months. Having come to terms with the fact I doubt I will do track days in it I want to use it more and make it a little more comfortable. So I am going for a subtle amp/sub install, false floor and air ride. Then tidy some bits of paint up and drive it. Made a start on the sub install. Started with a frame. 20160911_164018 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr Made a sub box 20160916_163349 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr 20160916_174541 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr In place 20160916_174634 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr Plan is to lay the false floor over the top and carpet it with as close to OEM as possible. Looking to have a hinged section in the middle maybe with some other trick bits. Then air ride will sit on rear seat base. May find another set of rear carpets as mine went in the skip.
  9. Supercharged VR6 Mk1 Golf/Caddy

    Cheers. I'll try to find his thread
  10. Has it been done? Can it be done? Will it fit? Cheers
  11. Ah okay. If you do get the chance to stick a ruler or caliper accross it let me know. I'm looking to get mapped to 8psi soon
  12. Shame about the engine troubles but good job in keeping going. What diameter pulley are you using?And what psi?
  13. Supercharged Mk3 Golf VR6

    Made an undertray to protect the piping I used for MAF relocation. Quite pleased with it for a first attempt and should do the job untill I get something made from metal sheet 20160304_154530 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr Added a Speedhunters banner, not to everyone's tastes. It's kinda straight and central. 20160306_123245 by Dominic Joy, on Flickr
  14. Forum Moderator Required

    I need to get to a meet soon to meet you mad lot haha