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New year feature car special

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Welcome to the Christmas/New Year edition of the feature car. This time it's one of the moderators from the VR6OC. It's Gethin Evans. Now if any of you are on facebook or have been on YouTube in the past month, you will know all about the astonishing things gethin's car can do. It's one of our favourite cars here and your about too see why!

Here is a bit of information from the man himself

The person behind the car.

Name: Gethin Evans

Forum user name: VIW 28

Age: 33

Occupation: Agricultural Machinery Sales Representative

Location: Northern Ireland

Hobbies: I only have one, this is it. Lol

Likes: Road trips to car shows

Dislikes: Bananas

Car questions

First car?: Austin Metro

Current car?: Mk3 Golf VR6 for fun, B6 Passat R-Line daily

Dream car?: Lamborghini Gallardo with a couple of turbos added

Other cars owned?: Couple of Boras, mk5 Jetta, Reiger kitted mk3 Astra with Red Top XE conversion and a few others I don't care to mention.

What got you into Dubs?: Dunno really, just kinda happened. Always had an inkling for a VR6 since I was a teenager and when they were new

Best feature on your car?: Its ability to perform 223mph spontaneous tyre blow outs

Future modifications?: AWD, more boost, custom cage, never ending list

Favourite other member's car?:Mark's 3.2 mk3 (Cornish VR6), Richierich's new mk3 is taking nice shape though, (even though he is an old guy :P)

General Stuff

1. Blonde or Brunette? Blonde (If I said different my missus would ask questions)

2. Takeaway or home cooked? Home cooked

3. Tea or Coffee? Either

4. Euro look or USA look? Euro

5. Soap or Documentary? Documentary

6. Mates or Dates? Mates

7. Pubs or Clubs? Pubs

8. Sun seeker or Thrill seeker? Thrill seeker

9. Lager or Spirits? Both

10. Dogs or Cats? Dogs

11. Night out or Couch potato? Couch potato

12. All Go or All Show? Both

13. Winter or Summer? Summer

14. Tattoos or Piercings? Neither

15. Football or Rugby? Rugby

List of modifications


24v BDE VR6

Wössner 8.5:1 low comp forged pistons

Pauter forged rods

ARP hardware throughout

Self made downpipe and boost pipes

3" stainless exhaust

PTE 6766 turbo

PTE 39mm WG

United Motorsport 870 Promaf tune with on board adjustable launch control and no lift shift (on factory ECU)

034 Motorsport FP34 fully enclosed surge tank with Bosch 044

Mocal 19 row oil cooler with thermo take off plate

VF Engineering mounts

02M transmission with TDI gearset, Quaife LSD and shortened driveshaft

Porsche ETA Beta 3 piece Cups, 8x17 all round with staggered dishes and barrels

Falken ZE 912 195/40 17

Porsche 996 C2 front brakes

Koni coilovers

Eibach front and rear ARBs

Powerflex polybushed complete front end

Recaro Pole Position buckets

Half roll cage

False flat floor in the rear

Retrimmed headcloth in black alcantara to match false floor,

Highline pillar trims

AEM gauges

OMP 350mm Corsica

Whole car bare shell repsray in original LC5L Mystic Blue Pearl

Your experience of the car(ups and downs)Owned it for 8 years, stripped it, built it and repeated a couple of times but it improves on every occasion. It's burnt me, cut me, broke me and nearly caused divorce. N/A'd, supercharged, turbo'd 12v and now turbo 24v. Labour of love some say but truth is I'm just addicted to it and never run out of stuff to do to it. Just an old Golf though to most!

Here are two links to some videos of gethin's car. If you search you will find an epic one of the blowout. Happy hunting!

I Love Bass video - http://ilovebass.co.uk/article/334/gethin-evans-mk3-golf/

Rolling road video (not blow out one!) - http://youtu.be/aaarXIdv0UI







Once again, congratulations to Gethin for making an epicly outstanding car.

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