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  1. Mk4 Gear knobs a nice little up grade to the mk3 oem one
  2. Adrian flux gave me a good quote with lots of mods added
  3. I think most people route them underneath the manifold
  4. Lovely car and welcome. Where in surrey are you from?
  5. It's very rare but there are a couple about. If I remember rightly when my mum bought her polo vw was trying to flog her a new mk3 gold for a knock down price and that was in 2000. I think there is someone on ukmk3s that has a w reg
  6. I remember seeing this for sale, glad it's gone to a good home. Love the interior
  7. Have you decided on what colour your getting the centres done yet?
  8. And remind us what you do for a living dan.... Lol, I know the first job I'd do on any of my cars if I had a business like yours
  9. Ah ok cheers for that info dan, I'll have to see how it is when I've got my new suspension, I won't change the splitter if I don't need too
  10. Essence of tree sap haha
  11. Still really comfy, infact a bit too comfy as I end up wearing it too work so may have to order another one at some point lol As mentioned above I wear mine to work so smelling like me at work may not be such a good thing being a tree surgeon, sawdust petrol, oil and it can get a bit warm hoisting your self up and down trees all day lol
  12. Also forgot to add I put my new splitter on as mine only had the gti splitter. Not too sure weather to keep it as I think it will be too low when I get my new suspension. Thinking of getting a U.S. Spec splitter as I think they are a bit shallower?
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